Hasznos párbeszédek: Let’s go to the flea market – Menjünk a bolhapiacra!

Szalai Nóri | 2017. 12. 11.

Ez a dialógus jól jöhet, ha bolhapiacon szeretnénk böngészni külföldön. 


Woman: What shall we do on Saturday morning?
Man: What we usually do. We’ll go to the market and buy fruit and vegetables for next week.
Woman:Yes, the good old routine. I’d like to spend Saturday morning differently for a change. Why don’t we go to the flea market? I don’t even remember the last time we were there.
Man:Come on, don’t tell me that you want to buy some useless things again. The house is so full  that we can hardly move. We’d better sell things instead of buying some more.
Woman:Who told you I want to buy anything there? It’s so much fun just to look around and see all those old and beautiful objects.
Man:Are you trying to tell me that you’ll be able to resist the temptation and not buy anything?
Woman:Well, I can’t promise it. We will see. Remember last time you were the one who ended up buying a lot of old books, not me.
Man:Yes, but those were very old and rare books, not ordinary bric-a-brac you usually buy.
Woman:Yes, you know that I have a soft spot for china and old jewellery. You never know what you can find at the flea market. I bought my favourite necklace there and the lady who sold it actually sold it for peanuts. Obviously she wasn’t aware of the real value of it. It was a real bargain.
Man:All right, all right. That’s a beautiful necklace, I admit. You were very lucky to have found it at such bargain price.
Woman:You see? It doesn’t even take up space in the house and all my friends are envious of me whenever I’m wearing it. I never told them how little I paid for it though…
Man:OK, you’ve convinced me. Let it be, let’s go to the flea market on Saturday.


What shall we do?– Mit fogunk csinálni?
What we usually do.Amit általában szoktunk csinálni.
for a change– a változatosság kedvéért
Why don’t we go…?  –Miért nem megyünk a ….?
I don’t even remember the last time..–Már nem is emlékszem az utolsó alkalomra, amikor….
Come on.–Ugyan már!
We’d better…–Jobb lenne, ha…
Who told you that …–Ki mondta azt neked, hogy…
I can’t promise it.–Ezt nem tudom megígérni.
We will see.–Majd meglátjuk.
to have a soft spot for– a gyengéje, nagyon szereti
for peanuts–szinte ingyen, nagyon olcsón
It was a real bargain.–Nagyon jó üzletet csináltam vele.
You’ve convinced me. –Meggyőztél.
Let it be. Legyen hát. Legyen úgy.
Let’s go. Menjünk!


flea market –bolhapiac
to look around–körülnézni
to resist the temptation–ellenállni a kísértésnek
to end up doing sg  – csinálni valamit végül
bric-a-brac– csecsebecse
to be aware of sg–tudatában lenni valaminek
to admit–beismerni
to take up space–helyet foglalni
to be envious– irigykedni

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