Hasznos párbeszédek: Szabadság kérése munkahelyen


Ez a párbeszéd jól jöhet, ha angolul kell szabdságot kérned a munkahelyeden. A hanganyagot le is töltheted!  

Manager: How can I help you James?
Man: I have to go to a wedding in June in Ireland but I need a day off because of the travelling.
Manager: What day will you be travelling on?
Man: Friday, because I need to take the car on the ferry and the sailing is at 9.00 in the morning and I also have to drive to Wales.
Manager: Well, you know we are having a busy period with all these deadlines…
Man: I know, but my favourite cousin is finally getting married. We are all looking forward to this great occasion.
Manager: Okay, leave it with me James and I will organise some cover for that day. I am sure Dave will be interested in the overtime.
Man: Thanks.
Manager: You’re welcome. So the last day you come to work is 8th of May, that’s Thursday and you will return on 12th of May, on Monday. Is that right?
Man: Yes … and thank you again.
Manager: That’s all right. Have fun at the wedding.


How can I help you? – Miben segíthetek?
I need a day off. – Szükségem van egy szabadnapra.
What day will you be travelling on? – Melyik napon fog utazni?
We are all looking forward to… – Mindnyájan nagyon várjuk…
Leave it with me. – Hagyja csak rám.
Is that right? – Így van?
That’s all right. – Rendben van.
Have fun! – Érezze jól magát!


wedding – esküvő
a day off – szabadnap
ferry – komp
the sailing – a komp/hajó indulása
busy – sűrű, elfoglalt
period – időszak
deadline – határidő
cousin – unokatestvér
occasion – esemény, alkalom
to organise – megszervezni
cover – itt: helyettesítés
to be interested in – valami érdekel valakit
overtime – túlóra

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