Hasznos párbeszédek – Szobafestő hívása

5Perc Angol | 2014. 10. 16.

Hasznos párbeszéd letölthető hanganyaggal arra az esetre, ha külföldön szeretnénk a lakásunkat szebbé tenni.

Painter: Hello. I am Mr Dale, the painter. I am here to do your hallway.
Woman: Hello. Come through into the living room.
Painter: On the phone you said that you needed the hallway to be painted.
Woman: Yes. A pipe leaked in the bathroom, so the wallpaper was ruined in the hall. As you can see, the paper is peeling off the wall and in some areas the plaster has been damaged.
Painter: Okay, the wall is quite dry now. Did the plumber fix the leak in the bathroom?
Woman: Yes, that was 3 weeks ago, so it has dried out by now.
Painter: Okay, I will have to strip the wallpaper and then replaster the damaged area. That will take a day, then I can come back in two days to paint the walls.
Woman: Okay, that sounds good.
Painter: What colour would you like for the walls?
Woman: Something bright and cheerful, like aquamarine. The hallway is quite dark.
Painter:  Okay. I will start the plastering today and go to get the paint tomorrow.
Woman: How much will it cost?
Painter: No more than 220 pounds plus VAT.
Woman: That sounds reasonable. I will give you the spare key as I have to go out for a couple of hours. Feel free to make yourself a cup of tea!



Come through into the living room.Fáradjon a nappaliba.
As you can see … .Amint az láthatja … .

That will take a day.- Egy napig fog tartani.
I can come back in .. days.Vissza tudok jönni … nap múlva.
That sounds good.  – Ez jól hangzik.
What colour would you like for the walls?Milyen színt szeretne a falaknak?
How much will it cost? Mennyibe fog kerülni?
No more than … .Nem több(be), mint … .
That sound reasonable.  – Ez elfogathatónak/méltányosnak hangzik.
Feel free to … !Nyugodtan (csináljon valamit)!

painter szobafestő
hallway/living room  hall/nappali
to be painted  kifestve lenni
pipe  cső
to leak  csöpög
wallpaper tapéta
to be ruined  tönkre ment/tönkre van téve
to peel off  lemálik, lepereg, lepattogzik
plaster vakolat
to be damaged  károsodott, tönkrement
plumber vízvezetékszerelő
to fix  megjavít, megszerel
to dry out  kiszárad
to strip  lehúz, felejt, lehámoz
to replaster  újravakol
bright/cheerful  világos/vidám
reasonable elfogadható/méltányos
spare key  pótkulcs, tartalék kulcs
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