Listening to music dialogue – Párbeszéd letölthető hanganyaggal

Dezsényi I. - Salánki Á. | 2019. 01. 16.

Ebben a párbeszédben zenehallgatásról beszélgetnek. 




Wow. What an extensive music collection!


Yes, I like a lot of different genres of music and I listen to music all the time.


When did you start collecting CDs?


When I was in secondary school. I got CDs for every birthday and Christmas, and all my pocket money was spent on CDs for years.


Oh, and you have so many records. They’re so beautiful. Can I have a look?


Of course. I treasure them very much. Some of them belonged to my father and I bought quite a lot at the flea market. You can buy them at a bargain price, people don’t appreciate them nowadays. Everything is available on YouTube and MP3, you know. But I prefer listening to music in the old fashioned way.


Do you have the new Adele album? She’s my favourite artist. I just got it and I like all of the tracks on it.


No, I haven’t heard it yet. It’s too contemporary music for me. I usually listen to the music of the sixties. Do you have it on your MP3 player?


Yes, here, I’ve cued up the first track for you.


Hmm… I like the beat of the first song, but I’m not blown away by the rest of it. Is the whole album like that?


Yes, I guess so. What’s the problem? Why don’t you like it?


I like her deep voice and the music and the mixing sound cool. But her lyrics is too sophisticated for me. I couldn’t quite catch the meaning of the song.


She’s an amazing singer. But it’s true that it’s not easy to understand what she’s singing about if you hear it for the first time.  Come on, let’s find a lyrics video on YouTube and let’s listen to it together. I’m sure it’ll help and you’ll change your mind.


OK. Let’s do that. Internet is not really my world, but it might help. Lyrics videos are a great invention, if you want to understand the songs. Moreover, it’s a great way of brushing up your English, too.




What an extensive music collection!Micsoda nagy zenei gyűjtemény!

I listen to music all the time.Állandóan zenét hallgatok.

When I was in secondary school.– Amikor középiskolás voltam.

Can I have a look?– Megnézhetem?

Some of them belonged to my father.–Néhány még az apámé volt.

at a bargain price–olcsón, jutányos áron

in the old fashioned way–a régi, ma nem divatos módon

I haven’t heard it yet.– Még nem hallottam.

the music of the sixties– a hatvanas évek zenéje

I’m not blown away by it.– Nem vagyok odáig érte.

I guess so.  – Szerintem igen.

I couldn’t quite catch the meaning.– Nem sikerült felfognom, hogy mit jelent.

it’s not easy to understand – nem könnyű megérteni

Internet is not really my world Az internet nem igazán az én világom.

It’s a great way of brushing up your English.- Nagyszerű mód arra, hogy felfrissítsd az angoltudásod.




extensive – kiterjedt, nagy

genre– műfaj

to collect– gyűjteni

pocket money–zsebpénz

record–(bakelit) lemez

to treasure–becsben tartani

flea market– bolhapiac

to appreciate– értékelni

contemporary–kortárs, modern

to cue up– beállítani

lyrics– dalszöveg

sophisticated– kifinomult

to change sy’s mind– megváltoztatni a véleményét

invention– találmány

moreover– sőt

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