Problems around the house: Calling an electrician

Problems around the house: Villanyszerelő hívása

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Az alábbi hasznos párbeszéd - amelyhez letölthető hanganyag is tartozik - segítségedre lehet, ha villanyszerelőt kell hívnod külföldön. 

Woman: Hello. Are you from Harris and Sons electricians?
Electrician: Yes. Would you like to see my identification?
Woman: All right. Just to be on the safe side.
Electrician: Okay.  What seems to be the problem?
Woman: Well, I have had no electricity in the house since yesterday.
Electrician: Okay. Can you show me where your fuse box and main trip switch are?
Woman: They are in the garage. Can you follow me, please?
Electrician: Okay. The trip switch is working and there are no blown fuses, so the problem must be with the main cable connection. Have you got mice in the house Mrs Black?
Woman: Unfortunately, yes they are a terrible nuisance.
Electrician: Well, that’s the root of your problem. The mice in your garage have eaten through the main cable disconnecting your energy supply from your house.
Woman: Oh my God. Can you fix it?
Electrician: Of course. No problem, I will just replace the damaged cable with a new one. I have one in the van and it should take about an hour to complete the job.


Would you like to see my identification?Szeretné látni az igazolványomat?
Just to be on the safe side.Biztos, ami biztos.
What seems to be the problem?Mi a probléma?
I have had no electricity.Nincs áram.
Can you show me where the … is/are?Meg tudja mutatni, hogy hol van/vannak a …?
Can you follow me, please?Követne kérem?
The problem must be with … .A probléma a …-val/vel lehet.
Can you fix it?Meg tudja javítani?
I will replace the … with … .Kicserélem a …t- …-val/-vel.
I should take an hour to complete the job.Nagyjából egy óra kell a munka befejezéséhez.


identificationazonosító, igazolvány
fuse boxbiztosítékdoboz
main trip switchfőkapcsoló
blown fusekiégett biztosíték
to disconnectszétkapcsol
to fixmegjavít, megszerel
damaged – károsodott

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