Városnézés Budapesten – Sightseeing in Budapest

Városnézés Budapesten - hasznos párbeszéd hanganyaggal, ha a fővárosban kellene vendégeket kalauzolnod. 


Wife:I’ve just read Mary and Daniel Smith’s e-mail and imagine they’re coming to Hungary next month for a twelve-day holiday.
Husband:I’m so happy to hear that. We had the time of our life when we stayed with them last year. They were marvellous hosts I enjoyed their hospitality so much. Are they going to stay with us?
Wife: I hope so, but I’m not sure. I would like to spend a lot of time with them though and show them everything that is worth seeing in town.
Husband:Is it going to be their first visit to Hungary?
Wife:Yes, and they don’t speak Hungarian except for some words I taught them last summer.
Husband:We could start with the traditional sights, like the Parliament, Heroes’ Square, the Funicular, Buda Castle, Fishermen’s Bastion, the National Museum, the big Ferris wheel near Deák Square. Budapest is a beautiful town and I’m sure they’ll enjoy

Wife:Yes, but I would like to show them something special as well, something they wouldn’t be able to see without local friends.
Husband:We can go to some of the ruin pubs. They are really unique and have a special atmosphere you can’t find anywhere else. And let’s go to the Opera House to see a ballet performance. They don’t need to understand Hungarian to enjoy ballet.
Wife:Good idea. I would like to show them the quaint little restaurants we enjoy going to and our favourite confectionaries, where they could taste the famous Hungarian cakes. I remember Mary has a sweet tooth.
Husband:Well, it sounds fun. I can’t wait to see them and I’m looking forward to the long walks. I love showing people around in our capital. I always learn something new and I usually enjoy sightseeing as much as our guests do.


Imagine…Képzeld el!
I’m so happy to hear that.Örömmel hallom.
We had the time of our life.– Minden pillanatát élveztük.
everything that is worth seeing– mindent, amit érdemes megnézni
We could start with…– Elkezdhetnénk a … -val.
I’m sure they’ll enjoy themselves.– Biztos vagyok benne, hogy jól fogják érezni magukat.
They’re really unique– Igazán egyediek.
Good idea.– Jó ötlet.
She has a sweet tooth.– Édesszájú.
It sounds fun.– Jól hangzik.
I can’t wait to see them.– Alig várom, hogy lássam őket.
I’m looking forward to…– Nagyon várom a …
as much as– éppen úgy, mint…


sightseeing– városnézés
host– vendéglátó, házigazda
hospitality– vendéglátás
except for– kivéve
traditional– hagyományos
Heroes’ Square– Hősök tere
BudaCastle– budai Vár
Fishermen’s Bastion–Halászbástya
Ferris wheel–óriáskerék
local– helyi
ruin pub– romkocsma
quaint– különleges, egyedi
confectionary– cukrászda
to show somebody around– körbevezetni
capital– főváros

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