2003.10.30 - The History of the Jack-o-Lantern

2003.10.30 - The History of the Jack-o-Lantern

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2003 október 30.



2003.október 31-én (pénteken) 20.00 órától az


(a kék metró Arany János utcai megállójánál) várunk minden rémisztgetöt a


jelmezben vagy anélkül.

Aki beöltözve érkezik, azok közt hullajó meglepetéseket

sorsolunk ki.

A partyra bárkit magaddal hozhatsz, aki nem fél és elég ijesztö.

A belépö 1000 Ft, ami svédasztalos hideg varázsételeinket tartalmazza és egy szeletet a tökjótortából.

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Élet-halál kérdés,hogy ott légy!!!



What do you call a motor bike belonging to a witch ?
A broooooooom stick !

Was Dracula ever married ?
No, he was a bat-chelor!

What do you get if you cross a vampire with Al Capone ?
A fangster !

Why are skeletons usually so calm ?
Nothing gets under their skin !

What do vampires gamble with ?
Stake money !

What sort of group do vampires join ?
A blood group !

Why do skeletons hate winter ?
Beacuse the cold goes right through them !

Who is a vampire likely to fall in love with ?
The girl necks door !

What is red, sweet and bites people ?
A jampire !


look in on (inseparable): visit in order to check something's / someone's condition.

"My father just came home from the hospital. I plan to look in on him today after I finish work."

look into (inseparable): investigate / get more details about something.

"Someone said there was a meeting at 9:30 but I haven't heard anything about it. Shall I look into it?"

look like (inseparable): resemble (in appearance).

"Does he look like his father or his mother?"

look over (separable): check; review.

"I think I may have some typos in this report. Could you look it over?"

look up (1. separable): find something in a reference work.

"I'm sorry, but I don't know what that word means. I'll have to look it up."

look up (2. separable): find where someone lives or works and visit him/her.

"Thanks for giving me your brother's address. When I'm in Chicago next month, I'll be sure to look him up."

look up to (inseparable): respect.

"Everyone looks up to Joyce because she always makes time to help others."

luck out (no object): be unexpectedly lucky.

"Gloria was worried because she wasn't prepared to give a report at the meeting, but she lucked out because the meeting was postponed.

a lap tetejére



Ebben a kis összefoglalóban az igeidõket olyan sorrendben magyarázzuk el, ahogy azokat tanulni érdemes, tehát nem kategóriákban, mint például: jelen idõk, jövõ idõk, múlt idõk. Minél több igeidõt tudsz annál választékosabban tudod majd magad kifejezni, és annál árnyaltabban tudod majd leírni a cselekvéseket.
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"Snow White was poisened by an apple, Jack found a giant in his beanstalk, and look what happened to Alice when she ate the mushrooms!
And you wonder why I won't eat fruit and vegetables?"




The History of the Jack-o-Lantern

Pumpkins have been associated with Halloween since the mid-eighteen hundreds. The tradition of carving a pumpkin and placing a candle in it began nearly 2000 years ago in Ireland with a fellow called Stingy Jack.

The story begins when Jack, a very unpleasant fellow, found himself in a local tavern on October 31st. On this particular night, the Devil appeared and informed Jack that it was time for Jack to leave this life. Jack was not quite ready to go yet, so he pleaded with the Devil to allow him to have one more drink. The Devil agreed, however as it turned out, Jack didn't have any money left. So he convinced the Devil to change into a sixpence so he could pay for the drink, then the Devil could change back. As these stories go, the Devil wasn't very bright and agreed to do this. As soon as he turned into the coin, Jack popped him into his wallet, which had a cross on it. The Devil was trapped inside! The Devil was furious and demanded to be set free. Jack agreed to let him out only if the Devil agreed to leave Jack alone for 10 years. A bargain was struck and Jack set the Devil free.

The years went by and once again it was October 31st. As Jack walked down a dark road, the Devil once more appeared. Of course, Jack was no more ready to go than he was last time. He convinced the Devil to get him an apple from a tree as a last meal. The Devil, still as gullible as ever, climbed up the tree to retrieve the apple. Jack immediately carved a cross into the tree and the Devil was trapped once more. Howling with rage, the Devil made another agreement with Jack in order to be set free. He agreed never to seek Jack's soul again. How the Devil got out of the tree though, is anyone's guess.

Well, as luck would have it, Jack died only a few months later. He first tried to enter Heaven, but was turned away because of the evil life he had lived. So, Jack then tried to get into Hell, but the devil also turned him away. Jack, it seemed was doomed to wander the dark, windy road between the worlds forever. Jack pleaded with the Devil to give him a light. The Devil threw him a fire of coal, which Jack placed into the turnip he had been eating. At least Jack now had a lantern to light his way in the dark. Jack and his lantern became known as Jack of the Lantern.

On Halloween, the Irish would carve out turnips and potatoes, placing a light inside to light the way, just as Jack did. When the Irish immigrated to America, turnips were rare, but pumpkins were in abundance. So pumpkins became the new Jack-o-Lantern, as we know it.


Witch Hat Cake
Source: Better Homes and Gardens

Prep: 40 minutes
Bake: 25 minutes
Cool: 1 hour
Stand: 1 hour


 1  package 2-layer white cake mix

    Green or orange food coloring (optional)

    8-inch wooden skewer

 1   rolled sugar ice cream cone

 2  16-ounce cans chocolate fudge frosting

    Halloween candies and/or large yellow and white gumdrops


1. Grease and flour one 9x1-1/2-inch round baking pan and one 9x9x2-inch square baking pan. Prepare cake mix according to package directions adding green or orange food coloring to batter, if desired. Bake according to package directions. Remove from pans and cool completely on wire racks. Trim tops of cakes as necessary to make even thickness.

2. Cut a 5-inch circle, 3-1/2-inch circle, 2-1/2-inch circle, 2-inch circle from the square cake layer. Stuff some of the cake scraps into the ice cream cone to fill.

3. Place a small amount of frosting in the middle of a cake plate. Place the 9-inch round cake layer on frosting and press gently to secure (this helps hold cake in place while frosting).

4. Place about 1/3 cup of the frosting in the center of cake layer and spread to a 5-inch circle. Place the 5-inch round of cake on top. Spread about 1/4 cup frosting in the center of this cake layer and top with the 3-1/2-inch round of cake. Spread more frosting and add the 2-1/2- and 2-inch cake rounds. Insert an 8-inch wooden skewer down through cake layers for added support. Attach the ice cream cone on top with additional frosting.

5. Frost cake and ice cream cone with remaining frosting (see tip). Decorate as desired with Halloween candies and/or gumdrop moons and stars. Makes 1 cake (12 servings).

Gumdrop Moons and Stars: Use a rolling pin to roll out gumdrops on sugar-coated waxed paper. Cut out moon and star shapes with hors d-oeurvre cutters. Dip cutters in sugar to prevent sticking.

To spread frosting more easily onto sides of cake: Fill a small resealable plastic bag with about 1 cup frosting. Snip off one corner and pipe frosting onto cake sides. Spread evenly.



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