2004.11.25 -HOW GR8 R U @ WRITING AN SMS?

2004.11.25 -HOW GR8 R U @ WRITING AN SMS?

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Kedves Andrea,

A mai leckében egy olyan témát járunk körül, amivel minden nap találkozunk: az SMS küldés. A hírlevélben megtalálod a leggyakoribb SMS rövidítéseket (angol nyelv? SMS-ezésben nagyon használják ezeket!), illetve egy rövid olvasmány is készítettem szószedettel. Jó tanulást, és jó SMS-ezést! A www.5percangol.hu weboldalon számos régi hírlevelet megtalálhatsz, látogass el az oldalra, és írj a fórumba (legyen egy kis örömöm a mai napon :-).


2004 november 26-ig minden beíratkozó hallgató 42 ingyenes foglalkozást kap ajándékba.

Társalgási tanfolyamaink folyamatosan kéthetente indulnak.

Intenzív tanfolyamaink november 29 - t?l indulnak



An accountant is having a hard time sleeping and goes to see his doctor."Doctor, I just can't get to sleep at night." "Have you tried counting sheep?" "That's the problem - I make a mistake and then spend three hours trying to find it."






Nowadays we hardly find anyone without a cellphone. But we don´t just use our mobile to call someone,  handies can also be used to write short messages, aka SMS-es. Here are some abbreviations used in smses. If you text message a lot they can be useful to make message writing faster.


R                 are
B                 be
2                 to/two
U                 you
C                 see
4                 for/four
B4               before
2U               to you
L8               late
L8R             later
GR8            great
H8               hate
NE               any
NE1             anyone

NO1             no one
BCNU           be seeing you
THNQ          thank you
T2UL8R      talk to you later
2DAY           today
2MORO       tomorrow
2NITE         tonight
WAN2         want to
XLNT           excellent
ATB             all the best
RU CMNG    are you coming?
AFAIK         as far as I know
BHL8           be home late



BIL              boss is listening
CMi             call me
CUB L8R     call you back later
911             call me now
FYI              for your information
GUDLUK      Good Luck
IMTNG        in meeting
LDN             London
@                 at
BTW            by the way
LOL             laugh out loud
AKA             also known as
ASAP           as soon as possible
IC                I see

HAND           have a nice day
PLZ              please
PLZ4GVME please forgive me
RGDS           regards
CUL8R        see you later
WRU            where are you?
YR               your
EZ               easy
2f2              face to face
XOXOX       hugs and kisses
w/               with
w/o             without
w%d            would
Y                 why

What is a SMS? Do you know what does this abbreviation stand for?


More SMS Than Internet, More Internet Than Newspapers

For young people, sending messages using SMS over cellular phones is more powerful than doing so through the Internet, according to a recent survey, reports E-Media Tidbits.

"The results of a study conducted by Ericsson Consumer Lab show that 68 percent of Spaniards between 15 and 24 years old send text messages every day. But only 38 percent of young people connect to the Net on a daily basis.

"Internet media companies should be thinking about this in terms of future prospects. It is worrisome for magazines and newspapers, since Internet media consumption is already higher than for print media. Internet accounts nowadays for 20 percent of European media consumption, only behind radio and television, according to a study of the European Interactive Advertising Association (EIAA)."

abbreviation                             rövidítés

according to sth                       vmi szerint

cellphone                                 mobiltelefon

cellurar phone                         mobiltelefon

consumption                            fogyasztás

handy                                       mobiltelefon

hardly                                      alig

mobile                                      mobiltelefon

percent                                    százalék

powerful                                  er"os, er"oteljes, hatalommal bíró

prospect                                   kilátás, távlat

recent                                      nem régi, közelmúltbeli

result of a study                      egy tanulmány eredménye

survey                                      felmérés

to conduct a study                   egy tanulmányt készíteni

to connect to the Net              kapcsolódni az Internetre

to report sth                            közzétenni valamit, beszámolni vmir"ol

to sms                                      sms-ezni

to stand for sth                        vmi helyett áll vmi

to text message                       szöveges üzenetet küldeni

worrisome                                aggasztó


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