2006.01.03 - ALL ABOUT THE WORLD

2006.01.03 - ALL ABOUT THE WORLD

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5 perc Angol online magazin 2006. január 3.


El?ször is boldog új évet kívánok! Remélem, mostanra sikerült kiheverned a karácsonyi és szilveszteri fáradalmakat. Ezen a héten országokkal és nemzetiségekkel fogunk foglalkozni. Ma megtanulunk számos olyan kifejezést és közmondást, amely valamilyen országhoz, városhoz vagy néphez köthet?!

Végül szeretném megköszönni a sok-sok karácsonyi képeslapot, amit küldtetek nekem!





Chinese whispers
(UK) When a story is told from person to person, especially if it is gossip or scandal, it inevitably gets distorted and exaggerated. This process is called Chinese whispers.
Not for all the tea in China
never; (not if you gave me all the tea in China)
"Would you like to live in space? "No. Not for all the tea in China!"
Bull in a China shop
If somebody behaves like a bull in a China shop, they are very clumsy, mostly when they should be careful.
Rome wasn't built in a day
This idiom means that many things cannot be done instantly, and require time and patience.
When in Rome, do as the Romans do
This idiom means that when you are visiting a different place or culture, you should try to follow their customs and practices.
Double Dutch
(UK) If something is double Dutch, it is completely incomprehensible.
Dutch auction
If something is sold by setting a price, then reducing it until someone buys it, it is sold in a Dutch auction. It can also mean that something is changed until it is accepted by everyone.
Dutch courage
Dutch courage is the reckless bravery caused by drinking too much.
Dutch uncle
A Dutch uncle is a person who gives unwelcome advice.
Go Dutch
If you go Dutch in a restaurant, you pay equal shares for the meal.
Pardon/Excuse my French
(UK) This idiom is used as a way of apologising for swearing.

There are quite a lot of expressions (not idioms or proverbs) including the word 'French'. They mostly refer to special kinds of food of French origin. Let's have a quick look at them, too!
French bean French breadFrench friesFrench toast
a long thin green vegetable, also called green beana long, thin loaf of white breada long, thin piece of potato that has been fried in hot oil (BR: chips)pieces of bread put into a mixture of eggs and milk and then fried in hot oil
French kissFrench plaitFrench hornFrench windows
a kiss made with your mouths open and with your tongues touchinga hairstyle in which the hair is put into a plait that starts from the top of the head at the backa musical instrument made of brass, that is curved round into a circle with a wide opening at one end a pair of doors made mostly of glass, usually opening onto a garden or balcony
Indian file
If people walk in Indian file, they walk in a line one behind the other.
Indian giver
An Indian giver gives something, then tries to take it back.
Indian summer
If there is a period of warmer weather in late autumn, it is an Indian summer.
Greek to me
If you don't understand something, it's all Greek to you.
Young Turk
A Young Turk is a young person who is rebellious and difficult to control in a company, team or organisation.
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