2008.11.07. - Értsük meg az újságot!

2008.11.07. - Értsük meg az újságot!

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2008. november 11. Hírlevélarchívum


Ma befejezzük az újságok és magazinok témáját, és megtanuljuk azokat a szavakat, amelyek a leggyakrabban előfordulnak az újságok főcímeiben.

Hétvégére bár csúnya időt jósoltak, reménykedjünk, hogy ez mégse lesz így!

Jó tanulást és kellemes hétvégét kívánok!




4. Common words in newspaper headlines and reports

Match the abstracts with the headlines! 

1. Terror cops arrest teen, 19


a) YOU'D be forgiven for thinking VICTORIA BECKHAM was set to leave LA on a motorbike. But the ex-SPICE GIRL thought this gear was comfy enough for a nine-hour flight to London.

2. Posh leathered at LA airport

b) LEWIS HAMILTON’S dad last night revealed he considered pulling his son out of Formula One after a vicious hate campaign against the family. Anthony Hamilton, who saw his son crowned the youngest F1 champion in history on Sunday, admitted: I was beginning to think maybe this was not the place for my family.

3. Biker dad killed by a pheasant at 77mph

c) EXTINCT Ice Age creatures such as woolly mammoths could be recreated after scientists cloned mice from frozen cells. A team of researchers produced the clones from DNA taken from mice that had been dead for 16 years and preserved at minus 20°C.

4. Hamilton in quit shock

d) A BIKER died when a pheasant flew into his helmet, an inquest heard. Dad-of-two Ian Bottomley, 52, swerved and was thrown off his motorbike.  

5. Ice mice cloned 16 yrs after death

e) A MAN has been arrested today on suspicion of terror offences. The 19-year-old was held earlier this morning by police in Blackburn, Lancashire.

Certain words are more common in newspaper headlines. Grammar is also different in headlines: the present simple tense can be used for both present and past. An initiative often refers to the future. Articles and the verb be are often omitted.





row an argument
vita, veszekedés
Government in row over hospitals
back support
Prime Minister backs new law
quit leave a job
otthagy egy állást, munkát
Canadian Railway Chairman to quit
hit have a bad effect on
rossz hatással van
Bad weather hit coastal towns
bid try/attempt
UN in bid to end war
talks discussions
Government and IRA in new talks
cut reduce/make less
Bank of England cuts rate again
key very important
nagyon fontos
Beckham could be key player



Answers: 1-e, 2-a, 3-d, 4-b, 5-c

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