2009.02.20. - Utazás távolsági busszal

2009.02.20. - Utazás távolsági busszal

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Ebben a leckében a buszos utazást járjuk körül.
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2009.ferbuárs 20. Hírlevélarchívum


A héten ma utoljára fogunk az utazás témakörével foglalkozni. Eddig átnéztük a repülős és a vonatos utazást, ma pedig a távolsági buszos utazást fogjuk közelebbről megvizsgálni.

Jó tanulást!




Britain's coaches are privatised and lots of operators run thousands of routes across the country. Coach travel is usually a lot cheaper than train travel, but takes longer.

National Express

National Express is the biggest coach operator with routes to over 1,000 destinations in the UK. With coaches making over 600 journeys a day, there's sure to be one going your way. National Express also runs coaches to and from 7 UK airports, and special services for events like Glastonbury Festival.


Inspired by the boom in low-cost airlines, Megabus is another well-known company offering coach journeys all over Britain at very low prices. You can even find tickets for as little as £1. Megabus routes operate on over 40 major destinations across the UK, many going to and from London.


Other coach operators

Although National express and Megabus are 2 of the biggest operators, you'll find good value and service with many other companies so it's worth finding out more about them.




Q:        How do you like to travel?
A1:       I like to travel by car, because I think this is the most comfortable way of travelling. Although, if I can’t travel by car, I prefer travelling by train.


A2:       I prefer travelling by coach. I don’t really like trains. I think coaches are faster – even if they are less comfortable.


Q:        Where can you buy train tickets in Hungary?
A:        You can buy tickets at any railway station, at travel agencies and on the Internet.


Q:        Describe your last train travel!
A1:       I travelled by train last month. My parents live in Nagykanizsa, and I visit them everymonth. When I go home, I always take an InterCity train, because it is much faster than regular trains.
A2:       I don’t really remember. I have a car, and I drive everywhere. When I was a child we went to Poland on holiday by train.


Q:        Do you prefer travelling by train or by coach?
A1:       I prefer travelling by train, because it is more comfortable, you can stand up and walk, and you can use the toilets if you have to.
A2:       I prefer travelling by coach, because it is faster.


Q:        Which is the quickest/most comfortable way of travelling?
A:         I think travelling by car is the quickest and most comfortable way of travelling. You can leave, stop, arrive whenever you want.


Q:        What are the advantages/disadvantages of travelling by air?
A:         When I have to travel long distances I prefer travelling by air. I think it is the mostcomfortable, fastest and safest way of travelling. There are less air crashes than car  accidents in general. I think the  only disadvantage is the price, but nowadays you can buy really cheap air tickets, too.
Q:        How can you buy budget air-tickets?
A:         You can buy budget air-ticket on the Internet. It is very easy you only have to have a credit card. After paying the price, you get the ticket via e-mail.
Q:        Describe your last air travel!
A1:       I went to Spain last summer with my boyfriend/girlfirend/family. It was a package holiday,so the price included transport, accommodation and half-board pension.
A2:       I have never flown in my life, but I really would like to.

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