2012.10.02. - Gyakoroljunk az írásbeli nyelvvizsgára 2.

2012.10.02. - Gyakoroljunk az írásbeli nyelvvizsgára 2.

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12. 10. 01.

Ma tovább folytatjuk a heti témánkat, amely során az írásbeli vizsgák alap-és középfokú feladataira készülünk.

Pénteken megjelent az 5 Perc Angol magazin októberi száma is, amelyből képes ízelítőt és tartalomjegyzéket itt találsz:

Ne feledd, hogy még 9 napig tart előfizetési akciónk, melynek során számos olvasónk értékes ajándékokat fog kapni (Ipad2, nyelvtanfolyamok, Haszon Nőknek előfizetés, vásárlási utalványok). Erről bővebb információt itt találsz:

Jó tanulást! 



Alapfok (B1) Lyukas szöveg kiegészítése adott egységgel

Read the text below and choose the correct word for each space.

Parents spend less on children’s sport

 It may be the summer of sport but one in three hard-up ………………… are blowing the final whistle on their kids’ hobbies. As the nation gears up to host the Olympics, parents are planning to slash our annual £50billion bill for youngsters’ leisure activities. New research reveals 1.3million families will spend less on sports. And 1.1million will cut back on …………………, art and culture, according to the survey by Capital One bank.  The belt-tightening is ………………… to increase the dropout rate in youth sports, already hit by reduced Government funding. The latest figures from Sport England ………………… the number of people aged between 16 and 19 taking part has fallen. Meanwhile, obesity rates have tripled in the past 30 years.

Earlier this year, Labour’s former Olympic Minister Tessa Jowell ………………… that too few children were taking part in sport at school. She said the London Games would be a ………………… “missed opportunity” to inspire young Brits. And she blasted Education Secretary Michael Gove for slashing funding for the Schools Sports Partnerships from £162million to £35million. Schemes shown the red card include free swimming for the under-16s, proposed ………………… in 18 cities, and plans to fund 1,300 new playgrounds. Skint younger families have been worst hit, with 52 per cent of parents aged …………………18 and 34 saying they will spend less on their children’s activities.

Capital One’s study was part of an initiative to teach people how to make the most of their ………………… . Marketing officer Michael Woodburn said: “We want parents to ensure they are managing their money in the most effective way. This involves anything from ………………… advantage of discounts and cash back offers to reviewing the way they use credit. It all adds up.”

source: The Sun

1. A towns B families C friends D schools
2. A music B chips C chocolate D coke
3. A happy B need C likely D important
4. A show B look C tell D point
5. A warning B warn C warned D is warning
6. A possible B giant C bigger D sadly
7. A ferries B motorways C libraries D cycling routes
8. A between B from C under D to
9. A holidays B free time C cash D bank account
10. A writing B taking C making D giving

Középfok (B2) Olvasott szöveg értése

Superhuman 91-year-old swims 500 metres, bikes 20k and runs 5k to complete his 41st amazing triathlon

At 91, Arthur Gilbert has got a few miles on the clock. In fact he’s the oldest triathlete in the world. The superhuman grandad has just completed another gruelling race when he swam 500 metres, cycled 20k then ran 5k. He said: “I came last but when you’re 91 I think you’re allowed to. “I keep saying I’m going to give up soon but I always end up going back to do more. This triathlon was my third ‘last one’. I just can’t give up.”

He gives all notions about slippers and armchairs the old heave-ho as he puts on running shoes, or gets in the saddle or the pool for a punishing training schedule. Arthur goes to the gym three times a week, cycles 25 miles on Sundays and swims 50 lengths every day. Some friends think he must be bananas - and he reckons it’s fruit that helps him stay so fit. The retired helicopter engineer said: “The secret is staying stress-free, being happy, doing charity work and being positive. I don’t drink or smoke and I have regular check-ups. I also have a balanced diet with lots of fruit which helps - tremendously - I love nuts and bananas. I must be the world’s oldest triathlete. People think I’m bonkers but they inspire me to carry on, and I inspire them to do something like this for charity. “I have a lot of help and I’m motivated by my wonderful family.”

Arthur, who has been awarded an MBE for his charity work, started competing in the sport at the tender age of 68. The widower, of Burnham-on-Sea, Somerset, completed his 41st triathlon on Sunday – and he did it in less than three hours. Arthur, crowned British duathlon champion in his age group seven times, carried the Olympic Torch in May just hours after the flame had briefly gone out. But there was no way that Arthur was going to run out of gas as he took part in the relay.

source: The Mirror

1. How does Arthur feel about his performance in the 41st triathlon he participated in?
2. What is his regular training schedule?
3. What keeps him going?
4. What is Arthur’s lifestyle like?
5. Why did Arthur deserve the honour of carrying the Olympic torch?




1-B, 2-A, 3-C, 4-A, 5-C, 6-B, 7-D,  8-A,  9-C, 10-B


1)     How does Arthur feel about his performance in the 41st triathlon he participated in?
He is proud, although he finished last. He thinks his results are great for a 91-year-old.
2)     What is his regular training schedule?
Swims 50 lengths every day, goes to the gym 3 times a week and cycles 25 miles every Sunday.
3)     What keeps him going?
His family supports him and he believes his achievements motivate other people to do the same to raise money for charity.
4)     What is Arthur’s lifestyle like?
He doesn’t smoke or drink, stays stress-free and eats a balanced diet with lots of fruit.
5)     Why did Arthur deserve the honour of carrying the Olympic torch?
He was British duathlon champion in his age group 7 times.

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