2012.10.05. - Gyakoroljunk az írásbeli nyelvvizsgára 4.

2012.10.05. - Gyakoroljunk az írásbeli nyelvvizsgára 4.

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12. 10. 05.

Ma befejezzük heti témánkat, és egy utolsó feladatsort küldök az írásbeli nyelvvizsgák alap- és középfokú feladatainak gyakorlásához. Jövő héten pedig természetesen egy teljesen új témát kezdünk majd!  

Ha a  heti leckék mellett szeretnél hévégén is könnyed formában gyakoroloni, akkor ajánlom figyelmedbe a múlt hét pénteken megjelent 5 Perc Angol magazin októberi számát is, amelyből képes ízelítőt és tartalomjegyzéket itt találsz:

Ne feledd, hogy még 10 napig tart előfizetési akciónk, melynek során számos olvasónk értékes ajándékokat fog kapni (Ipad2, nyelvtanfolyamok, Haszon Nőknek előfizetés, vásárlási utalványok). Erről bővebb információt itt találsz:

A héten a nyelvvizsgák írásbeli részére fogunk készülni alap- és középfokon.  Ma ennek első epizódját nézzük meg.

Jó tanulást! 




Alapfok (B1) Lyukas szöveg kiegészítése adott egységgel

Read the text below and choose the correct word for each space.

Tesco sends four police cars to arrest man who bought a curry

It was going to be a couple’s final night of peace before the birth of their second 1) ……………….. . Ashley Bathe had bought a microwave curry from his local Tesco Express while the bags of clothes were 2) ……………….. in case his wife Rachel went into labour.  But, unknown to Mr Bathe, staff at the supermarket had mistaken him for a 3) ……………….. who stole a four-pack of lager. 4) ………………..later, six police officers burst into their home and arrested the stunned 29-year-old on suspicion of theft.

He was bundled into a 5) ……………….. and driven towards the station – but officers realised their mistake three miles into the journey and promptly drove him 6) ……………….. home. ‘It truly ruined our last night of quiet,’ said Mr Bathe, of Swindon.

‘When I answered the door, the police just barged past me. My wife was so 7) ……………….. I thought she was going to go into labour.’ Mr Bathe said he had only been home for 20 minutes with the curry and red 8) ……………….. he had bought when four police cars turned up. He was being driven at speed when a message on the police radio said the Tesco manager may have made a mistake. ‘Apparently, the person they wanted was sat outside the shop,’ said Mr Bathe.

Two men, aged 21 and 23, were later 9) ……………….. on suspicion of stealing a four-pack of Stella Artois. Wiltshire Police apologised for the ‘distress’. Tesco said it was unable to 10) ……………….. on an ongoing police matter.

source: Metro


1 A dog B child C room D cousin
2 A packed B lost C washed D bought
3 A doctor  B burglar C thief D detective
4 A 2 days B minutes C a month D 16 hours
5 A taxi B ambulance C police truck D police car
6 A back B away C to D from
7 A sleepy B hungry C stressed out D happy
8 A water B whiskey C beer D wine
9 A arrested B called C killed D sent
10 A comment B write C pay D catch


Középfok (B2) Olvasott szöveg értése

Read the text and answer the questions which follow the article in English. Only include information from the text. Give short answers, write full sentences only if necessary. In this part of the exam you can use your dictionary.

A tidy win: Teen wins £50,000 after clearing up his messy bedroom and finding winning lottery ticket

A 19-year-old supermarket worker has let the world’s teenagers down by proving that mums are usually right. Not that Ryan Kitching should resent his mum’s nagging too much – her constant badgering to tidy up his room lead to a £50,000 windfall. For two weeks Ryan of Penicuik, Midlothian resisted his mother Susan’s requests to clear away the clutter in his bedroom. But when he finally gave in, Ryan discovered something far more exciting than discarded socks. Finding a lottery ticket among the mess, the lucky teen cleaned up as he cleaned up after learning that he had got five winning numbers along with the bonus ball – landing him with £52,981!

Tesco fish counter worker Ryan said: “My room needed a good clean and my mum had been nagging me for a good couple of weeks. I had just got back from the gym and she wasn't even home at the time but I knew I'd be in trouble if I didn't clean it up. There was loads of washing up which I hadn't put away and my Xbox games were lying everywhere.”

At first, he thought that it should be bagged up and chucked out with the rest of his junk. But then he thought, “I'm taking my mum shopping anyway, I'll get the numbers checked, it will do no harm.’”

Leaving the ticket at the shop’s lottery kiosk, a mate called him back saying he had “won big”. “I had to phone up Camelot and the woman was asking me lots of questions, and I just wanted her to get to the point,” he said. “When I gave her the last number of the serial code, she said I had won £52,981. I just couldn't believe it.”

Unsurprisingly, it seems Ryan may have been converted to the idea of taking on board what his parents have to say. But he is still unsure what to do with his winnings, even though his dad Raymond has a few suggestions – although they may involve him pulling away from the apron strings even more. Homebody Ryan explained: “My dad has been playing the lottery since it started and has never won more than £50, so he's raging. He wants me to put the deposit down on some property, then maybe rent it out. But I don't want to move out  just yet. I still get my tea cooked here.”

Despite the win, big-hearted Ryan has no intention of quitting his job or stop volunteering for emergency medical aid charity First Response. “It's a great charity and I'm planning on donating some of the winnings to them,” he said. While money may not be able to bring about happiness, it certainly takes the edge off the misery. And it is proving more than a little comfort for Ryan’s broken heart. Recently dumped by his girlfriend, he said, gleefully: “She'll be sad she finished with me now but I'm glad. “At least I'll be able to enjoy the money for myself now and treat myself, for a change.”

1.            Why did Ryan clean his bedroom?
2.            What did he first want to do with the lottery ticket?
3.            What did Ryan’s dad suggest?
4.            What is Ryan planning to do with the money?
5.            How are Ryan and his girlfriend getting on?




1.     Why did Ryan clean his bedroom?
A: Because his mother had been nagging him for 2 weeks and he didn’t want trouble.

2.     What did he first want to do with the lottery ticket?
A: Wanted to throw it away/ bin it/ put it in the garbage.

3.     What did Ryan’s dad suggest?
A: To buy a house/flat/some property and rent it out.

4.     What is Ryan planning to do with the money?
A: He is unsure but wants to give some money to an emergency medical aid charity he volunteers for.

5.     How are Ryan and his girlfriend getting on?
A: She dumped him/stopped going out with him/left him/broke up with him but now he’s happy without her because he can spend the money on himself.


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