City&Guilds nyelvvizsga – C1 szint – gyakorló feladat (listening)

Ezzel a feladattal a City&Guilds nyelvvizsgák hallás utáni részére készülhetsz C1 szinten.

You will hear three conversations. Listen to the conversation and answer the question below. Put a circle round the letter of the correct answer. You will hear each conversation twice.

Conversation 1

1.1.Mike wants

a)    the leave the law profession.
b)    to have variety in his patent work.
c)    to explore other possibilities in law.
d)    to continue his current work.

1.2.The two men

a) work in similar professions.
b) find their work demanding.
c) have similar qualifications.
d) love their respective professions.

Conversation 2

2.1. The police officer thinks the woman

a)  drove dangerously.
b) ins a bad driver.
c) caused an accident.
d) distracted her husband.

2.2. The driver and the passenger are most anxious to

a) escape punishment.
b) accept responsibility.
c) blame the cyclist.
d) get to their destination.

Conversation 3

3.1. The man wants to show his wife

a) some art.
b) a shop.
c) a café.
d) his birthplace.

3.2. The local man says shops closed because

a) there are few customers.
b) their goods are too expensive.
c) owners want too much rent.
d) there are too many of them.

answers: C, C, A, D, B, C

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