10 Awesome Things Babies Teach Us About Life

10 Awesome Things Babies Teach Us About Life

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10 dolog, amit a babáktól eltanulhatunk - szöveg, videó és egy kis feladat. 

10 Awesome Things Babies Teach Us About Life

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1. Don’t worry about the past or the future.
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10 Awesome Things Babies Teach Us About Life

Here are 10 things babies can teach us.

We look towards the elderly for life advice. Sure, they have a great deal of it, but babies can impart a lot of wisdom as well.

Here are 10 things babies can teach us.

Number 10. Live in the moment. Grownups have a terrible habit of living either in the past or the future. Babies, on the other hand, worry only about the present. Their commitment to the moment at hand, even if it’s just spent throwing squishy blocks around, serves as a reminder that now is when life is actually happening.

Number 9. Laugh a lot. There are certainly times to be serious, but chances are they’re not occurring 24-7. If you’re dealing with the adult equivalent of a dirty diaper, go ahead and frown. But, if life puts on a funny hat andpretends it’s a circus monkey, go with the good times

Number 8. Express yourself. If you’re mad, sad, or otherwise upset, let it out. Sure, sitting in the middle of the toy aisle at Walmart screaming at the top of your lungs won’t get you far, but careful communication may. If people don’t know how you’re feeling, they can’t help make it better.

Number 7. Get Active. Next time you’re in the middle of a Netflix binge and have to hit pause repeatedly because the baby won’t stay in one place, you may consider joining them. Baby bonding and exercise, what’s not to like.

Number 6. Stay curious. Licking frogs and sticking fingers in light sockets isn’t recommended for little or big people. However, making an effort to discover new things and learn more about the workings of the world around you is. Don’t even remember where to start? Local libraries are always a good place for such journeys to begin.

Number 5. Learn a language. This will benefit you both, particularly if you practice together. You can pick up a new and highly beneficial skill while the little one gets aboost in brain development

Number 4. Be more open. Babies make friends with just about everybody they meet. Adults, not so much. Next time someone asks if you’d like to grab a cup of coffee, don’tscramble for an excuse, just say yes. 

Number 3. Eat when you’re hungry. The clock on the wall doesn’t know a lot about you, so it shouldn’t be in charge of your diet. Pay attention to your body’s cues. They could help you discern the difference between a donut eaten because of actual starvation versus one downed out of boredom, frustration, or just because it’s there. 

Number 2. Sleep when you’re sleepy. Napping doesn’t make you weak or lazy, but it does make you less fatigued, more alert, and not as likely to mess something up. When the situation allows, treat yourself to the extra z’s

Number 1. Keep practicing. Babies eventually get the hang of walking because they try it over and over again, no matter how disastrous the results have been. Most skills worth having take time to develop, let alone master. Consider it an investment in your future.

What do you think we can learn from babies?

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to impartwisdom

bölcsességre tanítani

on the other hand

másrészről, viszont



at hand

kéznél, közelben


gumi építőkockák




non-stop, napi 24 órában 7 napon át





to frown

homlokot ráncolni, rossz képet vágni

to pretend

úgy tenni mintha

go with the good times

élvezd ki a jó dolgokat

express yourself

fejezd ki magad, ne fojtsd magadba az érzéseidet

to let sg out

kiengedni valamit

to scream at the top of one’s lungs

torka szakadtából üvölteni

it won’t get you far

nem jutsz vele messzire


online nézhető filmek, sorozatok





to lick


light socket



előnyös, hasznos



brain development

agyi fejlődés

to scramble for an excuse

kifogást keresni

to be in charge of sg

felelős valamiért, meg van bízva valamivel



to discern




to down sg

befalni valamit

to nap

szunyókálni, délután aludni





mess sg up

elrontani, összekavarni vvalamit

extra z’s

egy kis plusz alvás



to get the hang of something

rájönni valaminek az ízére



let alone

arról nem is beszélve, hogy

to master something

mesterien elsajátítani valamit



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