How to talk about pregnancy and babies in English?

How to talk about pregnancy and babies in English?

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Gyermekvárás, gyermek születése - beszéljünk ezekről is angolul. Ingyenes hanganyaggal!


My sister, Susan, got pregnant in October and her baby was born in July. She waited until the second trimester to tell people the good news, as by then there is less risk of having a miscarriage. During the pregnancy she had terrible morning sickness and she also had cravings for pickles and iced tea.

Susan and her husband, Brian, prepared their house before she went into hospital. They decorated the nursery, and also bought some baby equipment, such as a baby bath, a changing mat ababy carrier, a cot, a mobile and some soft toys. They got quite a lot of baby clothes from their friends and family, so they didn’t have to buy any.

The birth itself was uncomplicated. She went into labour at around midnight, and the baby was born shortly after at 7 a.m. She didn't feel too much pain, although she hadn’t asked for an epidural.

Instead, the doctor put her on oxytocin drips to make the contractions come a little quicker. Her midwife was with her during the birth, just to make sure that everything went well. Luckily, it was a normal delivery and she didn't need a Caesarean section. The doctor cut the cord and put the baby on her chest so that she can try to breastfeed the baby.


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