A community in mourning: noted concert pianist turned bag lady dies

A community in mourning: noted concert pianist turned bag lady dies

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Hallás utáni értés London egy különleges figurájáról, a közelmúltban elhunyt Car Lady-ről. 

A much-loved west London figure renowned for sleeping in her car has died after being hit by a lorry. Anne Naysmith, known locally as The Car Lady of Chiswick, slept rough in her car for 26 years. Ms Naysmith used to be a talented concert pianist, playing at prestigious venues. She lost her home in Prebend Gardens, Chiswick, in 1977, initially sleeping in her car as a form of protest at her eviction, refusing any charity or attempts to rehouse her.

Her car and home, a blue Ford Consul, was towed away by the local council in 2002, an act which sparked local opposition, and a replacement car, sourced by neighbours for her, was quickly vandalised.

Ms Naysmith led an active life, attending evensong at St Nicholas Church in Chiswick, watching cricket at Chiswick Cricket Club, and local court cases from the public gallery.

Chiswick councillor John Todd told us: “She was always polite, informed and charming in every sense. Her writing was masterful too. Why she chose to adopt such a harsh life style is unclear - but she never moaned or criticised. She never sought any form of help either.”

source: Independent

Fill in the gaps with words from the table. There is one extra.

to evict




in mourning


1. We want our daughter to go to a …........... school.

2. The …........ of the conference has been changed.

3. My father used to drive a big yellow ….........

4. Aunt Margaret is always there in the church for ….........


5. His landlady has threatened to …....... him if he doesn't pay the rent soon.

Key: 1-prestigious 2-venue 3-lorry 4-evensong 5-evict


in mourning




bag lady

hajléktalan nő



to sleep rough

szabad ég alatt aludni







to tow


to spark



esti ima

to moan

nyögni, panaszkodni

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