The lost and found city of Atlantis – A listening comprehension exercise


Hallás utáni értést ellenőrző feladat Atlantisz elveszett városáról. Hanganyaggal, infografikával, cikkel és szószedettel.

Letölthető tartalmak

Listen to the article and decide if the statements are TRUE or FALSE

1)   Deep sea divers have collected rocks that could prove Atlantis had existed. T/F
2)   The stones contain materials that could not have formed in water. T/F
3)   The “lost continent” had been part of Africa and South America a million years ago. T/F
4)   They found the rocks near an underwater mountain. T/F
5)   Researchers have not confirmed that they have found parts of Atlantis yet. T/F

Answers: 1) F, 2) T, 3) F, 4) F, 5) T

‘Rock’ may be evidence of the lost city of Atlantis

Researchsubs collected rocks from a huge land mass under the Atlantic Ocean 900 miles off Brazil. Experts analyzed the stones and found they were composed of granite and quartz sand — which only form on dry land. And fossils picked up nearby support the theory they have found a “lost continent” claimed by the Atlantic when Africa and South America drifted apart millions of years ago. The find was made on the Rio Grande Rise — a mountain range half a mile underwater.
Roberto Ventura Santos, of Brazil’s Geology Service, said: “We are almost certain this could be Atlantis."
From an analysis, we began to see the area could be a piece of a continent that disappeared into the sea.” He said confirmation is expected later this year after more rock samples are tested.
The legend of the lost civilization — first mentioned by ancient Greek philosopher Plato — has captured imaginations for centuries, and in the 1970s spawned TV series Man From Atlantis, starring Patrick Duffy.

evidence– bizonyíték
research sub – kutató tengeralattjáró
mass – tömeg
to be composed of something – állni valamiből
to form – kialalkulni
fossil – kövület, őskori lelet
to support – támogatni, alátámasztani
to claim – állítani
to drift apart – szétsodródni
mountain range – hegyvonulat
to disappear – eltűnni
confirmation – megerősítés, visszaigazolás
to expect – várni, előrelátni
sample – minta
to mention – említeni
to capture – (meg)ragadni
imagination – képzelet, fantázia
to spawn – létrehozni, eredményezni, kiváltani

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