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Brit couple come home after 36 years at sea

1)     Hányszor hajózhatta volna körbe a földet Bill és Laurel a tengeren töltött 36 év alatt? (2 pont)
2)     Hogyan és  mikor kezdődött a hajózási szenvedélyük? (4 pont)
3)     Ki volt Nelson? (2 pont)
4)     Mi történt velük 1983-ben? (4 pont)
5)     Milyen alkalmakkor szoktak csak hazatérni családjukhoz? (3 pont)


Globe-trotting Brits Bill and Laurel Cooper have finally returned to the UK to retire – after spending 36 years at sea. The couple have sailed the equivalent of four times around the globe since setting off in 1976. They have been travelling around on boats they built themselves since Bill quit his high-flying job in the city and they sold their home in Chatham, Kent.

Over the past four decades they have notched up nearly 100,000 nautical miles sailing across seven seas, stopping in 45 different countries. They’ve also battled 25ft waves, hurricanes, and winds of 100mph and got close enough to dolphins, sharks and whales. And they even once had a one-eyed cat called Nelson on their boat. Former Royal Navy Commander Bill, 83, said: "We’ve had a wonderful time but I’m afraid I have been over-taken by what you could call ill-health. When I got to about 78, I thought this isn’t going to go on forever so we built a boat we could manage when old age really strikes – we call it the geriatric boat. We will have to get used to the life here. I plan to write a book and decay gently."

Laurel, 82, added: "We have had an absolutely amazing life. I wouldn’t have missed it for the world. I’m very happy looking back at all the wonderful places we’ve been, the people we’ve met and the adventures we’ve had. We’ve been very lucky, but we always knew it wouldn’t last forever."

The couple met in 1945 and started sailing together on the Norfolk Broads two years later, with Bill as the captain and Laurel as first mate. In 1976 they sold their detached, six-bedroom house and gave the money to their children Shelley and Benedict. They took their first sea cruise together in 1954 in a boat around Sicily when Shelley was still a baby. Funded by Bill’s Navy pension and the proceeds of selling his partnership, they set sail on 50ft steel ketch "Fare Well" — and never looked back.

Bill and Laurel spent ten years sailing the Mediterranean and Caribbean, across the Atlantic and along the US Intra-Coastal Waterway from New York to Florida. The plucky pair even received a medal for having the only vessel to survive the devastating Hurricane Alberto north of Bermuda in 1982 without calling a lifeboat for help. It is the only notable scrape the pair had in their entire sailing career, and Bill prides himself on careful navigation to keep them out of trouble. In 1986, they upgraded their living space by buying an 87ft barge, which had been used to carry peanuts, and named it "Hosanna".

They fitted her up and spent the next two decades cruising around the canals of France, Belgium and the Netherlands, and the Aegian Sea around Greece.The couple, who have three grandchildren, returned numerous times over the years for Christmases and other family events. In 2005, they built their third and final boat "Faraway" entirely to their own specifications, with Bill doing the woodwork and Laurel the painting.  Laurel added: "I’m like a cat, I can be comfortable anywhere — it’s how I’ve survived all this time."

source: The Sun 


1)     Hányszor hajózhatta volna körbe a Földet Bill és Laurel a tengeren töltött 36 év alatt? (2)
Az elmúlt 36 év alatt annyit hajóztak, hogy nagyjából négyszer megkerülhették volna a Földet.

2)     Hogyan és mikor kezdődött a hajózási szenvedélyük? (4)
1976-ban szálltak vízre, miután Bill otthagyta munkáját, és eladták a házukat is, hogy a szenvedélyüknek éljenek.

3)     Ki volt Nelson? (2)
Nelson egy félszemű macska volt, aki befogadtak és egy ideig velük élt a hajón.

4)     Mi történt velük 1982-ben? (4)
1982-ben túléltek egy hurrikánt Bermudán úgy, hogy csak az ő hajójuk nem hívott mentőcsónakot. A teljesítményükért egy kitüntetést is kaptak.

5)     Milyen alkalmakkor szoktak csak hazatérni családjukhoz? (3)
Karácsonykor és egyéb családi összejövetelek alkalmával szoktak hazalátogatni. 

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