City&Guilds nyelvvizsga – B2 szint – gyakorló feladat (listening)

Szalai Nóri | 2012. 11. 13.

You will hear three conversations. Listen to the conversations and answer the questions below. Choose the correct answer! You can listen to each conversation twice.

Conversation One

1.1 According to the man, organic food is

a)    not tasty.
b)    really cheap.
c)    pricey.
d)    wholesome.

1.2 The woman agrees that most people buy processed food because they are

a)    ignorant.
b)    too busy.
c)    very poor.
d)    not informed.

Conversation Two

2.1 Mr. Gomez and the woman are

a)    boss and employee.
b)    friends.
c)     teacher and student.
d)    former colleagues.

2.2 Mr. Gomez feels a bit hesitant because he wants to

a)    apologise for something.
b)    ask for a pay rise.
c)    complain about a colleague.
d)    ask for a favour.

Conversation Three

3.1 The man prefers local shops because

a)    they are more comfortable.
b)    he doesn’ like crowds.
c)    they are safer from storm.
d)    he hates huge buildings.

3.2 In the end, the man is

a)    convinced by the woman.
b)    appalled by the woman’s opinion.
c)    indifferent towards malls.
d)    interested in going along.

Answers: C, B, A, D, B, C

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