Driving to work and being late – hallás utáni értés középfokon


Nézzünk most meg egy hallás utáni értést ellenőrző feladatot középfokon, azaz B2 szinten. 

45 perc

ennyi ideig tart általában beérni a munkába George-nak


az időjárás és az utak



két teherautó



motoros férfi



a tömegközlekedés hátrányai



kompromisszumos megoldás




Driving to work and being late

Jane: Hi, George. Finally, you’re here. Everyone’s been waiting for you. Whatever happened again?

George: Hi, Jane. You won’t believe what happened. You know, it normally takes about forty-five minutes to come to work. Now it took more than two hours. That has been the longest since I started to work here.

Jane: I’m not surprised, considering the terrible weather we are having today. With the freezing rain and the icy roads what did you expect? Didn’t you check the weather forecast last night?

George: Actually, I did. And I left home half an hour earlier than usual. Things were more or less all right until after junction 12, where there was this enormous traffic jam. For half an hour I could make hardly any headway. Two lorries crashed and were blocking two lanes. After that it wasn’t so bad although I was extremely nervous and nearly ran over a man on a motorbike who suddenly appeared from nowhere in front of me. I had to brake really hard. Imagine, riding a scooter in this weather! Some people are strange.

Jane: I see. That’s a valid excuse but such things seem to be happening all too often to you. Have you ever thought about taking the public transport? You could just relax on the way to and from work instead of getting all nervous because of the complications in the traffic.

George: Of course and you have reminded me of that before. But you know, I just hate the crowd, the pushing, the smells and having to stand when I can’t find an empty seat, which can often happen during rush hours when I would have to travel. It’s also a hassle having to change twice and walking through the dirty and busy underpasses. It works for you, I see, but I still prefer the privacy of my car.

Jane: You could make a kind of compromise. You know, there is a park-and-ride at the end of the new underground line. You could drive and park your car there and take the underground to the city. That could be a good solution. Why don’t you give it a try? For example tomorrow when more snow is forecast? I don’t think the boss will put up with you being late again.

George: All right, stop it. I’ll think it over. But now I think I’d really better get down to work.


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1. Borzasztó volt, ónos eső esett, az utak jegesek voltak.
2. Két teherautó ütközött össze és torlaszolta el az utat.
3. Majdnem elütötte, hirtelen került elő, erősen kellett fékeznie.
4. Tömeg van, lökdösődés, szagok, nincs ülőhely, át kell szállni (kétszer).
5. Autóval menni az új földalatti vonal végéig, ott leparkolni és földalattival jönni tovább.


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