Hallás utáni értés középfokon

Hallás utáni értés középfokon (B2 szint) - Passengers could soon be standing during flights

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Hallgasd meg, majd olvasd is el a hírt, végül csináld meg a feladatot is. 

Passengers could soon be standing during flights

Italian manufacturers Aviointeriors have designed new upright seats that aim to take up less space in the aircraft - great news for airlines looking to cram in as many passengers as possible.

Not such great news for passengers who'll have to stay in a semi-standing position during the journey.

The manufacturers claim that there would some level of comfort for passengers and the seats are designed so you can lean back and have a bit of support; but at the end of the day, you'd still need to be stood up throughout the flight.

The seats are designed with a 23-inch pitch meaning that airlines could get up to 20% more places included in the cabin. After all, if passengers are stood up that means much less legroom.

The new designs were unveiled at the Aircraft Interiors Expo in Hamburg, and are aimed towards budget airlines who fly short-haul routes.

source: Mirror

Fill in the gaps with the words given. There is one extra.

crammed, aimed, claimed, stood, designed, unveiled

1. The monument will be ………. next week

2. The new model was ……….. by famous engineers.

3. It was uncomfortable to travel ………. in the small car.

4. The manufacturers ………. that the equipment was waterproof.

5. The hosts .......... to provide quality entertainment for all.

Key: 1. unveiled 2. designed 3. crammed 4. claimed 5. aimed



to design



függőleges, álló

to aim to

törekedni valamire

to cram in


semi-standing position

félig álló helyzet

to claim

állítani valamit

to lean back





valami során, valamin át





to unveil

bemutatni, leleplezni

budget airline

fapados légitársaság

short-haul route

rövidtávú útvonal

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