Home, sweet home – Letölthető mp3 párbeszéddel

Hallgasd meg ezt a nem túl nehéz, lakásfelújítással kapcsolatos párbeszédet, és tanuld meg a fontos kifejezéseket!

Martha:Hello Peter, come in!
Peter:Hello Marta! I had to arrange something in this area, and stopped by to see how you are getting on with the redecoration.  Have you been painting? Your jeans are covered in paint!
Martha:Yes, I have been painting the bedroom for hours. John painted the living room last week, but while he was painting the kitchen ceiling, he fell off the ladder, and broke his leg so badly that he’s been in hospital since Sunday.
Peter:Poor John! Do you need any help? The kids are in a summer camp, so I can give you a hand! Martha: Really? I would be really grateful, if you could come over to help me.
Peter:Apart from the painting what else needs to be done?
Martha:The kitchen is completely furnished with all the latest appliances, but the former owner left it so dirty that it needs to be cleaned.
Peter:What about the bathroom?
Marta:The toilet is blocked, and the tap is dripping. But I have already called a plumber. He is coming tomorrow.
Peter:Shall I start with the kitchen then?
Marta:If you don’t mind, yes. In the meantime I’ll try to find an electrician because some of the light switches need to be replaced, and some sockets need to be fixed.

to arrange– megszervez, elrendez
to get on with something – haladni valamivel
redecoration – felújítás
ceiling – plafon
to fell off … – leeseni valahonnan
to give somebody a hand – segíteni valakinek
grateful – hálás
furnished – bútorozott
appliance – készülék
former owner – korábbi tulajdonos
blocked – el van dugulva
tap – csap
to drip – csöpög
plumber – víz- és gázszerelő
electrician – villanyszerelő
light switch – villanykapcsoló
to replace – kicserél
socket – konnektor
to fix something – megjavítani valamit

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