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Paw Me Another         

This thirsty golden Labrador enjoys a little hair of the dog – by downing a new beer designed for pets. The meat-flavoured “beer” for dogs, called Barkers Brew, is now available in two flavours, chicken and beef. It is non-alcoholic and non-carbonated and contains vitamin E, which even supports the dog’s immune system. It costs £2.50 a bottle and the liquid can be added to water as well as poured over dried food to give a dog’s dinner a new flavour.

And 13-year-old golden Labrador Skip certainly appears to be a big fan of the new brew. His owner Laura Hawken said: "It’s a great way to add a bit of variety to Skip’s meals. He really enjoys the chicken flavour and always wants to finish the bottle after his dinner. After he polishes off the bottle he has a long nap – it’s as if he’s had a few real beers!"

Russ Ronat, director of R2 Pets Ltd, the company behind Barkers Brew, wanted to create a new product and treat for pets.

The 39-year-old said: "I started R2 Pets Ltd a few years ago and my goal for the company has been to create very innovative pet products. I love dogs and was thinking of new products that were also reward treats for dogs. Most dog owners want to provide a little variety to their pet’s meals and the idea of a healthy brew that can be added to any meal made sense. Our nutritionist in Yorkshire has a few dogs and they are all big fans of the brew – the response from friends and customers has been fantastic. The beer adds a healthy variety to your dog’s meal, the brew has a screw top so is easy to add the brew and and then refrigerate."

Russ, from Orlando, Florida, US, who has had a poodle, a boxer, and a Newfoundland, feels the beer will add excitement to dog’s lives.

He added: "Barkers Brew adds some excitement to your dog’s day; it’s a new tasty addition to its food. It makes mealtimes much more appealing and entices even the fussiest of eaters."

thirsty – szomjas
to down – ledönteni (italt)
to be designed for – valamilyen célra tervezett
meat-flavoured – húsos ízesítésű
available – elérhető, megszerezhető
flavour – íz, ízesítés
carbonated – szénsavas
to contain – tartalmazni
to support – támogatni, elősegíteni
immune system – immunrendszer
liquid – folyadék
to add to – hozzáadni
to pour – önteni, tölteni
dried food – szárazeledel
to appear to – tűnni valaminek
brew – (sör)főzet
variety – választék
to polish off – eltüntetni (ételt, italt)
nap – szundikálás
treat – jutalomfalat (itt)
goal – cél
innovative – újító
reward – jutalom
to provide – lehetővé tenni, biztosítani
to make sense – értelme van valaminek
nutritionist – táplálkozási szakember
response – válasz
screw top – csavaros kupak
to refrigerate – lehűteni
poodle – uszkár
excitement – izgalom
tasty – ízletes, finom
addition – kiegészítés
appealing – vonzó, megnyerő
to entice – csábítani, csalogatni
fussy eater – válogatós evő 

Listen to the text and answer the questions.

1. What is the new product described?

2. What was the dogs’ reaction to the new product?

3. Why do owners buy this product?

4. How is the product packaged?

5. How can this procuct be consumed?


1. It is a non-alcoholic meat-flavoured drink/brew/beer for pets.

2. The dogs who tried it all liked it.

3. It’s healthy and they want to provide variety to their pets’ meals/add excitement to the dogs’ lives.

4. It comes in a handy screw-cap bottle.

5. It can be added to water or poured over dry dog food.

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