Mouth-Acting, avagy a TikTok-ot meghódító imitátor lány

A következő videóban megismerkedhettek a ‘mouth-acting’-gel, és egy hihetetlen imitátor lánnyal. 

Mary Elizabeth Kelly has gone viral on TikTok multiple times for impersonating celebrities.

“Mouth acting” involves contorting her face, particularly her mouth, into the shape that mimics famous actors. Along with the change in voice, it makes Kelly’s impressions particularly memorable. Barrymore tends to smile while she talks, for example, while Jennifer Coolidge sticks her lips out. Keira Knightley’s jaw has an under-bite, while Emma Stone pushes her bottom teeth further back. Kelly’s original mouth acting video, impersonating these celebrities and more, has over 14 million views.

Kelly studied acting at Northwestern University, where she specialized in musical theatre. Kelly realized she was “made for a screen, not necessarily for a stage,” so she moved to LA last year with her husband to pursue a career in television and movies.

Kelly said she’s always been analytical when she watches movies, constantly thinking about what actors have been in before, or what accents they are putting on.

She considers herself more of a mimic — watching someone over and over until the impression clicks into place: “It’s a sort of muscle memory.”

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a fogak olyan helyzete, amelyben az alsó fogak a felső fogak fölé kerülnek, amikor valakit harap a fogakkal

A következő feladatban 5 angol szó magyarázatát olvashatjátok. A feladatotok az, hogy találjátok meg a cikkben ezt az 5 szót. intentionally copy another person’s characteristics, such as their behaviour, speech, appearance, or expressions, especially to make people laugh spend most of your time studying one particular subject or doing one type of work be likely to happen or to have a particular characteristic or effect try to achieve something (cause something to) twist or bend violently and unnaturally into a different shape or form; synonym for this word is: deform

keys/megoldások: impersonate; specialize; 3. to tend to; 4. to pursue; contort


to contort her face eltorzítani az arcát
mimics mimika
along with együtt
impressions benyomások
to tend to hajlamosnak lenni
to stick lips out kidugni az ajkait
jaw állkapocs
to impersonate megszemélyesíteni
to specialize in szakosodni
to pursue a career karriert csinálni
analytical analitikus, elemző
to consider herself valaminek tartja magát
to click into place a helyére kattanni
to achieve elérni

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