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Szalai Nóri | 2012. 11. 11.

Read the text and fill the gaps with the sentences A-H. Write the letter of the missing sentence in the box in the correct gap. There are two extra sentences you will not need!

People’s chef

Is Jamie Oliver a national treasure? This young exuberant chef, who left school without any academic qualifications, burst onto British TV screens a decade ago. He was bubbling with enthusiasm, but perhaps a little annoying.

Maybe this was because he seemed too much of a do-gooder: the golden boy who liked to visit his grandma and spoke readily of his love for his wife, Jools. 2 This is probably thanks to his willingness to receive sponsorship from one of Britain’s leading supermarket chains, and his unwillingness to cook with food not locally and organically sourced. He has recently officially become Britain’s bestselling author. He has defeated not only the literary efforts of authors such as Khaled Hosseini and JK Rowling, but has also outsold those of his fellow celebrity chefs. 

4 More than a mere celebrity chef, he has become the ‘Chosen One’. He holds meetings with the Prime Minister. He changes supermarket policy. He cooks for heads of state and Hollywood stars.5 He has his own magazine, a website, a blog and his shows are broadcast in many countries overseas.Oliver might still have his critics, but it appears they are seriously outnumbered these days. 6 He is a chef who is on our side, who has used his position of powers to expose injustices and to educate. He is a man who surely has the makings of a proper national treasure for the UK.

A :       He has been criticised too for being both a hypocrite and a food snob. 
B : In truth, there have been times when people really disliked Jamie Oliver.
C : Jamie Oliver has not so far regained his popularity over time. 
D : Oliver still can’t compete with other celebrities.
E : At last, a majority has come to recognise that he is one of the good guys.
F : Oliver is now, without doubt, the country’s leading ‘foodie’.
G : Sales of Oliver’s latest cookbook appear to point to return to favour.
H : Today, Jamie Oliver’s media influence is far-reaching. 

Answers: B, A, G, F, H, E 

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