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Woof Woof… Welcome to America’s First Dog Café

Dog lovers can rejoice, America’s first dog cafe is opening its doors in L.A on April 7th. The Dog Cafe, the first of its kind in the United States, will bring together coffee drinkers and rescue dogs.

Located in the south Silver Lake neighbourhood of Rampart Village, The Dog Cafe provides a space for visitors to intermingle with rescue dogs from local shelters who are available for adoption.

The Dog Cafe’s mission is to revolutionize dog adoption by reinventing the way people connect with rescues who need homes. The Dog Cafe offers a comfortable and fun space for humans and dogs to meet and spend time with each other, away from the environment of overcrowded shelters, which can provoke fear and aggression in perfectly adoptable pups. In addition to helping worthy pups find homes, The Dog Cafe also offers the opportunity for people unable to have pets of their own to spend quality time with furry friends (and vice versa) without the commitment of adoption.

Founder Sarah Wolfgang said: “After I moved to Korea from the United States as a child, I started frequenting the dog cafes there. As a dog lover, it was amazing to have the opportunity to go see and spend time with pups any time. Yet the sad fact is that those dogs are brought in from puppy mills for the sole purpose of spending their entire lives inside of a cafe, while millions of other animals are out on the streets or abandoned at shelters.”
Wolfgang works closely with South Los Angeles Animal Shelter, in addition to other local shelters, to rescue dogs who would best benefit from socialization at The Dog Cafe. While all dogs are evaluated to ensure friendliness with both people and other dogs, The Dog Cafe focuses specifically on bringing in rescues who have been overlooked or viewed as not traditionally adoptable due to age, special needs or behavioral issues that require training. The company plans to expand by opening additional locations of The Dog Cafe in major cities across the U.S.

The Dog Cafe’s website can be found here: www.thedogcafela.com


woof woof

vau vau

to rejoice


the first of its kind

ilyenből az első

rescue dog

menhelyi kutya

to intermingle




to reinvent

újra feltalálni








szőrös, bundás

to frequent something

járni valahova

puppy mill


sole purpose

egyedüli cél

to benefit from

hasznot húzni valamiből

due to

valami miatt

behavioral issue

viselkedési probléma

Kapcsolódó anyagok

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