Lake Balaton, an off-season paradise perfect for a spring getaway

Szalai Nóri | 2018. 05. 20.

Tavaszi kikapcsolódásnak még a VOGUE magazin is a Balatont ajánlja – olvasd el a cikket! 

Lake Balaton, an off-season paradise perfect for a spring getaway

Lake Balaton is Central Europe’s largest freshwater lake. Only a two-hour drive from the capital city, Budapest, we enter a carefree world of lavender fields, vineyards, and splashing in the shallow water.

During spring time, all is quiet and peaceful. Still, there are soulful restaurants and great wines that make Lake Balaton a worthy getaway. The Southern bank appeals to families and fans attending the annual open-air electronic music festival in summer. Those, who are more into great food and drink, should hightail it to the north side. With Balaton Gastro Map, an easy to download app, the best place to start off is Bistro Sparhelt, Balatonfüred. The place is run by a couple who left Budapest behind for a more laid-back life. With a Provençal vibe, old village doors, and wine cabinets it is a unique place. Slather bread in sausage cream, cauliflower soup with a burst of bacon and crunchy almond, finishing it off with a little round chocolate cake amped by peanut butter is the perfect combination for a meal. Nearby is Kredenc Borbisztró, a shrine to local wines. Liszkay is a prestigious brand here. Live Jazz and Dj sessions make nightcaps especially gratifying for the visitors.

A quarter of an hour drive from Badacsony, is a family owned winery, Laposa, with a commodious terrace overlooking vineyards that should not be missed out of the program. Stay for a while with a mineral-laden Furmint.

Beside gastro-experiences you can dive into nature further along the northern shoreline on foot or hop on a rented bike to discover the Balaton Highlands National Park, stretching across almost 57 thousand hectares, offering visitors signed routes on six nature trails for some peace and quiet in a beautiful landscape. The Balaton bike ring will take you past beautiful landmarks along the coastline.

Near the north-western tip of the lake, check out the panorama of the lake from the medieval fortress in Szigliget. 

For a taste of how British and Hungarian aristocracy entertained, visit the baroque-style Festetics Palace open all year round in Keszthely, where Edward, Prince of Wales was received in October 1885 and again in 1888, during his “incognito” visits to Hungary. Today it gives room for permanent and temporary exhibitions, the Helikon Library and a castle museum depicting the lifestyle of Hungarian aristocracy in the 18th and 19th century.


Match the words with the right definitions.

1 trail

a) generous amount

2 commodious

b) to represent or  characterize by words

3 prestigious

c) to go away or leave rapidly

4 to hightail

d) spacious and convenient; roomy:

5 slathers

e) a path or track made across a wild region, over rough country, or the like, by the passage of people or animals.

6 to depict

f)  having a high reputation; honored; esteemed

key: 1-e, 2-d,3-f, 4-c, 5-a, 6-b, 








to splash



jellegzetes, "lelke van"

to hightail

gyorsan elsietni

laid-back life

visszafogottabb, lassúbb élet

to slather

vastagon megkenni



to amp

erősíteni, fokozni


szent hely


rangos, tekintélyes


lefekvés előtti ital





to hop

ugrani, pattanni



to depict


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