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A következő párbeszédből kerékpárbérléssel kapcsolatban tanulhatsz meg hasznos kifejezéseket. 


Man: I’ve seen those nice light green community bikes all around Budapest. There seems to be a lot of them. Do people use them at all?

Woman: Well, I don’t know. I haven’t tried them yet. A friend of mine uses them and he’s quite satisfied with the service.

Man: How does the system work? How can you rent a bike?

Woman: If you want to use them regularly you’d better buy a card for half a year or a year. It’s really simple to rent you just have to enter your user ID and PIN code at the rear of the bike and touch your card to the sensor there.

Man: What if I want to try it before I invest in a whole-year card?

Woman: You can rent a bike for 24 or 72 hours. You have to use a credit or debit card for paying the rent and a deposit of 25,000 Forints will be frozen on your account for some time. You can use the bike for free for the first 30 minutes then you have to pay for it.

Man: Well, that sounds reasonable, though it is probably too expensive for students. Is it safe to ride a bike in Budapest?

Woman: If I were you I would not try it. The traffic is always unbearably heavy and the drivers are impolite and aggressive.

Man: Traffic looks quite OK for me but I’m obviously used to bigger cities and bigger cars. What annoys me is pollution.

Woman: I must say, you are absolutely right. It’s a real health hazard to ride a bike downtown in the rush hour. But you can find really super bicycle lanes in some of the big parks and the outskirts of the town.

Man: Maybe I’ll give a try to the bikes for a short period then. It looks a real cheap way of getting around in the town. Why don’t we try them together? We could go for a nice ride in one of the parks at the weekend.

Woman: Good idea. Call me on Saturday.


There seems to be …Úgy tűnik, hogy…

You’d better buyJobb, ha veszel …

It’s really simple.– Igazán egyszerű.

What if I want to try it?– És mi van akkor, ha ki akarom próbálni?

for free– ingyen

That sounds reasonable– Ez méltányosnak tűnik.

If I were you– Ha a helyedben lennék

to be used to something– hozzá van szokva valamihez

What annoys me is– Ami engem aggaszt, az a……

Give a try to something– kipróbálni valamit

for a short period– rövid időre

It’s a cheap way of something– Olcsó mód valamire.

Why don’t we try…– Miért nem próbáljuk ki…….?

Good idea.– Jó ötlet.


community bike– bérelhető (közösségi) bicikli

service– szolgáltatás

rent a bike– biciklit bérelni

user ID– felhasználói kód

rear– hátsó fél, hátulja

sensor– érzékelő

to invest in– befektetni

credit card– hitelkártya

debit card– betéti kártya

deposit– letét

it is frozen– zárolva van


health hazard– egészséget veszélyeztető tényező

rush hour– csúcsidő

bicycle lane– bicikliút

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