Szervezzünk bulit!

Ebből a rövid leckéből megtanulhatsz mindent, ami a partiszervezéshez szükséges! 

Planning a party – Partiszervezés

Jane: What beautiful weather we’re having today! I’d love to go out, but I have so much to do.
Jack: Why are you so busy? It’s Friday afternoon, you should have a break and relax!
Jane: I’m going to have a party tomorrow. Would you like to come?
Jack: Oh, I’d love to come. Thank you for inviting me. Are you celebrating something?
Jane: No, it’s just a chance to get together and have fun.
Jack: Who’s going to come to the party?
Jane: I’m not sure how many people are coming as some haven’t told me yet. But Mark and Amanda are going to help out with the cooking.
Jack: Oh, I’ll help, too if you want!
Jane: Really? That would be great! It’s very kind of you.
Jack: What are you going to cook?
Jane: I want to make lasagne, it’s delicious and quite easy to make.
Jack: That’s a brilliant idea! How can I help?
Jane: Well, I would be very grateful if you could go to the supermarket and buy refreshments and some crisps for tomorrow.
Jack: Of course! Anything else? Don’t you want me to bake a cake? You know I love baking.
Jane: Would you? A sponge cake or some fruit pie would be perfect!
Jack: All right. I’ll bake an apple pie.
Jane: Thanks a lot Jack! I’ll call you a bit later to make a list of thing we’ll need from the supermarket.
Jack: Okay. Talk to you later, then.


to invite somebody – meghívni valakit
to celebrate – ünnepelni
chance – alkalom, esély
to get together – összejönni
to have fun – jól szórakozni
to help out – kisegíteni
delicious – finom
grateful – hálás
refreshment – frissítő
crisps – ropogtatnivalók
sponge cake – piskóta


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Organising a party at home

So, you’ve decided to organise a party in your home. Well, it may seem overwhelming, but if you stay focused on the goal, it is not that difficult! Your guests will have a great time if their host is relaxed and having fun, too. Arrange everything well in advance to have a stress free and fun party! Here are the top rules to follow:

Pick a place! If the party will be held in your home, make sure to pick an area for the guests to sit, chat and eat. Tidy up the area to ensure that the guests are comfortable and won’t be touching any personal items.

Determine a date and time for your party! If it’s a birthday party, try to have it on that date. Make sure to pick a date when most of your guests are free. Let people know about the party in advance. Always invite a few more people than you plan because it will make up for the gap of people that don’t show up.

Decide on a budget! How much do you want to spend? Determine your budget before you go out shopping!

Take into consideration who you want to invite! Not everyone likes to dance or listen to music. Most people want to talk and relax at a party, so plan your space if possible. Also, get as accurate as you can to make sure you have the space, parking, food and drink for everyone invited. Choose a location for coats and purses and organize the area to make it easy for guests to leave and retrieve their items. If you are using a closet, have extra coat hangers!

Pick the food! If you don’t know what to get, ask around what the people invited like. Don’t forget about drinks and crisps!

Clean your house! Make sure you give special attention to rooms that guests will be in such as the bathrooms, living areas and kitchen. It’s a good idea to have some cleaning stuff around in case someone spill on themselves or the carpet. Make sure there is enough toilet paper and also refill soap dispensers. If you are entertaining outside, check outdoor furniture, clean and make any necessary repairs. Also, check outdoor lights and replace any burnt out light bulbs.


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Be polite! Make sure you talk to everyone and ask how they are doing to ensure everyone feels like they are getting enough attention. No one wants to sit all by themselves at an entire party. 

to organise – szervezni
overwhelming – nyomasztó
to stay focused on – valamire koncentrálni
goal cél
well in advance jó előre
to make sure – meggyőződni valamiről
to ensure – biztosítani
to pick something – kiválasztani valamit
gap – üres hely
to show up – megjelenni
budget – költségvetés
accurate – pontos, akkurátus
coat hanger – vállfa
to ask around – körbekérdezni
crisp – rágcsálnivaló
to give attention to – figyelmet szentelni valakinek
to spill – kilöttyinteni
to refill – újratölteni
soap dispenser – szappanadagoló
necessary – szükséges
repair – javítási munka
to replace – kicserélni
burn out – kiégett
light bulb – villanykörte
all by oneself – magában, egyedül

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