Talking about newspapers


Egy összeállítás az újságolvasásról angolul szószedettel és hanganyaggal. 

Talking about news

A newspaper is a publication printed on paper and issued regularly. Newspapers give information and opinions about current events and news. Newspapers often have comic strips and other entertainment elements, such as crosswords and horoscopes. The opinion sections are usually based on stories from the news and reflect the thoughts of the journalists. These opinion sections are called editorials.

Most newspapers are daily, some of them are national, and some of them are local. Magazines are generally weekly or monthly. Some newspapers are tabloids (they are small in size), and are usually the popular press. They often have a larger circulation. The more serious newspapers are bigger in size (broadsheet).

Newspapers and magazines can be bought at news-stands, in supermarkets and at petrol stations, too. Also, newspapers and magazines can be delivered to your home if you subscribe to them.

Usually people read newspapers to stay informed about national and international events and news but reading English language press can also help you improve your English!

Reading English language newspapers you can discover a whole new world, new words, new phrases, new ideas and you can even have a closer look at different cultures. So, reading English language newspapers and magazines regularly is a very useful habit!

You may have read the news in your own language and know the content of many stories, so it will be a lot easier to understand the meaning of unfamiliar words and expressions. Reading news in English is an exciting activity as students love being able to understand authentic articles, and there is something interesting for everyone in a newspaper or in a magazine. Reading newspapers and magazines you will easily pick up a lot of vocabulary relating to news stories, as they are used repeatedly from one issue of the paper to the next.

There are quite large differences, however, between the content and approach of various newspapers and it is important that you read one that suits you. It can also be interesting to see just how different newspapers can be! 

publication – kiadvány
to be printed – kinyomtatva lenni
to be issued – kiadva lenni/ megjelenve lenni
regularly – rendszeresen
opinion – vélemény
current events – aktuális események
comic strip – képregény
entertainment element – szórakoztató elem
crossword – keresztrejtvény
to be based on – valamin alapulni
to reflect – visszatükrözni
thought – gondolat
journalist – újságíró
editorial – vezércikk, szerkesztői level
press – sajtó
circulation – példányszám
to be delivered to – kiszállítva lenni
to subscribe – előfizetni
to stay informed – jól informáltnak lenni
to improve – fejlődni, fejleszteni
to discover – felfedezni
useful – hasznos
habit – szokás
content – tartalom
unfamiliar – nem ismerős, ismeretlen
authentic – autentikus, eredeti
to pick up – felszedni, megtaulni valamit
relating to – valamihez kapcsolódóan
repeatedly – ismétlődően
issue – kiadvány, lapszám
approach – megközelítés
to suit somebody – valakinek megfelelő valam

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