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Christmas without the calories! Chef creates world’s healthiest festive lunch with less fat than a bag of nuts by replacing traditional ingredients with superfoods 

For most people, Christmas is a time for loosening their belts and indulging in calorific treats. But for those wanting to watch their figure over the festive season, one chef has created a guilt-free Christmas lunch, which contains fewer calories than a bag of nuts. Gurpareet Bains has come up with the three-course meal called the ‘Guilt-Free Gala’ by replacing traditional ingredients with superfoods, meaning it only contains 930 calories, around one third of a classic lunch.

It includes turkey with roast potatoes and all the trimmings, a lobster and vegetable starter, and a rich fruit pudding with mascarpone cheese for dessert. And not only is the meal gluten free, it also contains 11 portions of fruit and vegetables, more than double the government’s recommended five-a-day and is said to taste ‘exquisite’.

A normal Christmas dinner, with fat-soaked spuds, sugar-coated parsnips, Christmas pudding and canapes, would weigh in with an average of 3,200 calories, 2.5g of salt, and anything up to 90g of fat – more than a woman’s entire recommended daily allowance of 70g. 

The banquet includes a starter of butternut squash and pear soup with lobster (150 calories), a main of turkey breast poached in mulled wine spices with blueberry sauce and all the trimmings (470 calories) and a dessert of superfruit Pudding with green tea and chia seeds (310 calories). 

The entire meal contains just 19 grams of fat – the equivalent of three mince pies or a single serving of cheese and biscuits. By comparison, a 200g bag of Tesco salted mixed nuts contains 1,300 calories and 116g of fat.  

According to research, Britons will unwittingly consume a shocking 7,000 calories on Christmas Day alone, with some exceeding the daily recommended allowance before sitting down for dinner. 

The endless supply of chocolate, snacks, mince pies and festive drinks also means the average British person will gain 6lbs in the eight days between Christmas Eve and New Year’s Day.


to loosen one’s belt

kiengedi a nadrágszíjat

to indulge in

megenged magának valamit



to replace

helyettesíteni, kicserélni


itt hagyományos köret



gluten free



zsírba áztatott




paszternák, a fehérrépához hasonló édes gyökér


falatnyi szendvics

recommended daily allowance

ajánlott napi bevitel

to poach

kevés folyadékban párolni

mulled wine spices

forralt bor fűszerek

equivalent of

valaminek a megfelelője


nem tudatosan, akaratlanul

to exceed

átlépni, meghaladni

Kapcsolódó anyagok

Egyéb megjegyzés