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Back-to-school tips

The start of school is just days away. Is it too late to prepare your child, no matter the age? Nope. Here are some tips from people in the know about how to help ease that transition for your kids, their teachers and you.


Involve your children with all the back-to-school organizing that you are trying to set up. Back-to-school is the best time for starting anew, and a way to ensure that it works for everyone is to help the kids create the systems. They can help put together what they will need in their homework station so they can feel ownership and pride, as well as a sense of accomplishment. This will hopefully make them want to keep it up once the school year starts.

A similar way of doing things with older children works, too. Have them help put a calendar together for the family and write out their schedule of activities, for example. That helps them feel in control of their own lives.


Nowadays there’s an important back-to-school safety tip that parents need to include in their discussions with children: What to do if a bully confronts you?

1. Try to recognize when someone looks mad or angry.

2. If bullies confront you, ignore them and don’t give them any attention; that’s just what they want.

3. Speak up. Tell a caring adult such as a teacher, parent, bus driver or playground supervisor. Once an adult is involved, the bully usually stops out of fear that his or her parents will find out.

Standing up for oneself is an invaluable life lesson for kids.

no matter – nem számít
nope – de nem ám
to ease – megkönnyíteni
transition – átállás
to involve – bevonni
to start anew – újrakezdeni
to ensure – biztosítani
to feel ownership – a magáénak érzi
sense of accomplishment – sikerélmény
to keep something up – folytatni valamit
schedule of activities – órarend, elfoglaltáságok táblázata
to feel in control – úgy érzi, ő irányít
bully – zaklató, bántalmazó gyerek
to confront – szembeszállni, szembekerülni
to recognize – felismerni
to ignore – figyelmen kívül hagyni
to speak up – szólni, felszólalni
to find out – megtudni valamit
to stand up for oneself – kiáll magáért
invaluable – felbecsülhetetlen

Match the verbs with the synonyms.

1. to find out

a) to take no notice

2. to ignore

b) to facilitate

3. to ensure

c) to continue

4. to keep something up

d) to discover

5. to ease

e) to make certain

answers: 1-d 2-a 3-e 4-c 5-b

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