New Year, New Leaf – Te mit fogadsz meg az újévre?


Olvasd el rövid összefoglalónkat az újévi kívánságokról. 

New Year, New Leaf

It is the time of year when many people try to turn a new leaf and make New Year’s resolutions in an attempt to improve their lives. Are any of the top 40 resolutions familiar to you? This list is the result of a research involving 2000 people and it reveals many of the problems typical of modern life.

Why should we make promises to ourselves? Perhaps because we know that resolutions are hard to stick to, especially when we want to give up a bad habit, like smoking, drinking, or eating too much chocolate. Another reason could be that they test our will-power. After all, going to the gym or cooking a healthy meal after a long day at work means making an extra effort. Traditionally, the beginning of a new year also brings the need for order, the need to get rid of the old stuff and magic some freshness and novelty into our boring daily lives. Selling old unwanted stuff on E-bay is definitely a modern solution to the problem and the money you get could help finance a resolution you’ve made, such as redecorating your home or renewing your hairstyle or wardrobe.

Many New Year’s resolutions focus on improving our health, fitness or finances, which often require sacrifices. Therefore, it is not difficult to see why so many of them last only for a month or so into the year. Why not pick something pleasant for 2018 instead? Taking up a hobby you’ve been postponing for years might make a difference in your stressful life. The poll also shows that many people try to focus on personal relationships as well: spending more time with the kids, meeting one’s friends in person rather than online or admitting that our relationship with our spouse or partner needs some improvement can lead to a more fulfilling life.

According to magazine Health, the top 10 healthiest resolutions include not only the old favourites of losing weight, giving up smoking, getting more sleep and cutting back on alcohol, but also some surprising suggestions: travelling, going back to school, volunteering and staying in touch with friends and family all contribute to our well-being. With this in mind, it might be worth establishing a new tradition, such as meeting up once a month for a meal with extended family or vowing to go hiking regularly with a group of friends. Staying clear of people who only add to your stress levels is also a wise decision, so this might be the right time to see which relationships only drain your energy. Research also shows that going back to school has a positive influence on both career and mental health, as people who learn something new as adults stay sharper in old age as well. Don’t hesitate to get out your books, now you have scientific proof for the extra benefits of regular English lessons.

New Year’s resolutions don’t have to be very complicated in order to make your life more exciting. Extreme sports and bungee jumping can give you a thrill but many people are not cut out for this kind of thing. By saving a smaller sum of money every month, you could take the holiday you couldn’t afford last year, for instance. Another option is to try a new food every week or get together with friends for a film club and a chat. Take initiative and you’ll find small things can go a long way.

to turn a new leaf– új életet kezdeni
resolution– fogadalom
attempt – próba
to improve– javítani, javulni
familiar– ismerős
to reveal– felfedni, elárulni
to stick to something– kitart valami mellett
bad habit– rossz szokás
to test– próbára tenni
will-power– akaraterő
after all – végülis
gym – edzőterem
to make an effort– erőfeszítést tenni
order – rend
to get rid of something – megszabadulni valamitől
novelty– újdonság
to finance– pézel, pénzt biztosít valamire
to require sacrifices– áldozatot követel
therefore– következésképp, ezért
to last – tart (időben)
for a month or so– úgy egy hónapig
to take up– elkezdeni (hobbit, sportot)
to postpone – elhalasztani
to make a difference– számít, különbséget jelent
in person– személyesen
to admit– beismerni
spouse– házastárs
fulfilling– teljes
to cut back on– csökkenteni valamit
suggestion– javaslat
volunteering– önkénteskedni
to stay in touch– tartani a kapcsolatot
to contribute to– hozzájárulni valamihez
well-being– jólét
with this in mind– ezt szem előtt tartva
to be worth– érdemes
to establish– alapítani
extended family– nagycsalád
to vow – megfogadni valamit
to staying clear of– távol maradni
decision– döntés
to drain one’s energy– leszívja az energiáit
mental health– mentális egészség
sharp – éber, okos, éleseszű, értelmes
to hesitate– habozni
scientific proof– tudományos bizonyíték
benefits– jótékony hatás
in order to– azért, hogy
exciting – izgalmas
thrill– borzongás, izgalom
to be cut out for– valakinek való valami
to afford– megengedheti magának
to take initiative– kezdeményezni
to go a long way– sokat számítani

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