Strangers Look Like Twins

Ikrek? Vagy mégsem? Olvasd el cikkünket, és kiderül! Nézd meg a képgalériát is róluk! 

Canadian photographer Francois Brunelle’s black and white photos show his fascination with ‘doppelgangers’, people who have a look-alike. The essence of his project – started in 2000 – is to find people, totally unrelated to each other, sometimes from different corners of the world that share the same physical appearance and look more like twins than strangers, although, amazingly none of his portrait subjects are even related.

The pairs in these images are not twins – or even related. This stunning photo series shows complete strangers who look almost identical. The I’m Not a Look-Alike project is the brainchild of Francois Brunelle, who has spent 12 years tracking down people with eerily similar features.

Francois, 62, from Montréal has flown around the world in search of doppelgangers to shoot in black and white. And amazingly, it was British comedy character Mr. Bean that inspired the whole idea.

Francois explains"I was inspired by two things: First I used to see look-alikes all over since a very long time. Second, my own likeness with TV character Mr. Bean. The project is about sharing the passion that I have for the likeliness in people. It allows me to concentrate on the face of my subjects and bring the spectator to a close encounter with them. Some of them are from the same city, others from different countries, different cultures. I am fascinated by the fact that a man born and raised in Hungary would bear a strong resemblance to a person born and raised in Canada. Or that couple, living together just look like brother and sister. This being said I am still looking for look-alikes, especially in the UK but in any country in fact, in order to finish the part of the project implying taking the actual photos. After that I have to find a museum willing to exhibit the 200 photos look-alikes taken by me since 2000."

fascination– vonzerő, varázs, elragadtatás
doppelganger– hasonmás
look-alike– hasonmás
essence– lényege valaminek
unrelated– nem rokon, nem függ össze
appearance– megjelenés
stranger– idegen
amazingly– lenyűgöző módon
portrait subject– portré alany
to be related– rokoni kapcsolatban lenni
stunning– lenyűgöző, pompás
photo series– fényképsorozat
to look identical – azonosan kinézni
brainchild– ötlet, agyszülemény
to track down– lenyomozni
eerily– hátborzongatóan
similar features– hasonló vonások
to inspire– inspirálni
to explain– kifejezni, elmagyarázni
likeness– hasonlóság
to allow somebody to  – valakinek megenged/lehetővé tesz valamit
spectator– néző
to encounter– találkozik, összeakad
to be fascinated – elragadtatva lenni
to bear a resemblance– hasonlóságot mutat
to be willing to– hajlandónak lenni valamire
to imply– maga után vonni, jelenteni
to exhibit– kiállítani

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