5 Perc Angol – Képleírás a nyelvvizsgán – Camping in a tent (B1)

A következő angol B1 képleírási feladattal B1 szinten tudtok gyakorolni. A szöveghez hanganyag is tartozik.

Alapfok B1


We can see a tent in the picture on the bank of the river. The sun is setting in the background. It’s summer in the picture because the grass and the plants are green. It’s a very peaceful picture, we cannot see any animals or people anywhere. The door of the tent is closed and the chair next to the tent is empty. Maybe the people who are staying in the tent went for an evening walk or a trip to the forest. There are some logs near the tent so maybe the people will make a fire when it’s dark and they will come back to the tent.

Living and sleeping in a tent is fun, especially for kids. They love adventure. When you sleep in a tent you can hear the sounds of nature very well. The tent can be very hot in summer or very cold in autumn or winter. People usually sleep in sleeping bags when they camp. Sleeping in a tent is sometimes tiring and unpleasant if there are too many insects. Mosquitoes or flies can ruin your night if you are not careful. Always take some insect repellent with you if you want to sleep in a tent!

bank – part
log – fahasáb
adventure – kaland
insect – rovar
mosquito – szúnyog

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