Resignation letter/Felmondólevél – MINTA

Szalai Nóri | 2011. 03. 29.

Mr. David Prescott      

Plaxoton Industries  

1436 Sycamore Drive
Bradford, PA 16701

1st January 2011

Dear Mr. Prescott,

It is with regret that I must announce my decision to leave Plaxoton Industries as Account Director. After two years working at Plaxoton, and being part of the team, this was not an easy decision.

I am leaving to pursue another opportunity at Globotron Technologies. I have enjoyed my time with Plaxoton but I believe my new position offers me the best chance to develop my career.

As is usual, I would like to give one month’s notice and also to offer my help during the transition and afterwards, if necessary. I would also be grateful you could provide me with a written reference for future employers.


János Szabó


it is with regret [ɪt s wɪð rɪˈɡret] – sajnálattal

to announce [tə əˈnaʊns] – bejelent

to pursue [tu pəˈsjuː] – törekszik (valamire)

notice [ˈnəʊtɪs] – előzetes értesítés

transition [trænˈzɪʃən] – átmenet

to provide [tu prəˈvaɪd] – nyújt

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