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Small Talk - Office Gossip

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Hallgasd meg a párbeszédet, és tanuld meg a legfontosabb szavakat és kifejezéseket. A hanganyagot le is töltheted!  

Man: Have you heard? The boss fancies his new assistant.
Woman: Really? How do you know?
Man: Last night I overheard them in the pub. They were planning to meet at the weekend.
Woman: Wow. Good for them. I’m not surprised. She seems to be a nice girl.
Man: A nice girl? Are you kidding? I can spot a gold digger a mile off.
Woman: I wouldn’t be so quick to judge people.
Man: She must be at least 20 years younger!
Woman: They are probably closer in age than you’d imagine. I happen to know that she is divorced with two big kids.
Man: No!
Woman: Yes, and whatever they do at the weekend is none of our business. Live and let live.
Man: You’re probably right. It’s just that I was really shocked. She looks so young. Do you think it’s plastic surgery?
Woman: Jim! She looks younger than she is but stop spreading rumours. You know what people are like, they blow up everything. Don’t you remember what happened after the Christmas party?
Man: How could I forget, with Donna trying to kill me the following day.
Woman: So you’d better drop the subject.


Have you heard?–  Hallottad?  
How do you know? – Honnan tudod?
Good for them. – Jó nekik.
Are you kidding? – Viccelsz?
I can spot a gold digger a mile off. – Messziről észreveszem, ha valaki csak érdekkapcsolatot akar.
I happen to know …. . – Történetesen tudom, hogy … .
It’s none of our business.– Semmi közünk hozzá.
Live and let live.– Élni és élni hagyni.
You know what people are like. – Tudod, milyenek az emberek.
How could I forget! – Hogy is felejthetném el!
Drop the subject!– Ne foglalkozz vele! Ejtsd a témát!


to fancy someone

tetszik valaki valakinek, odavan valakiért

to overhear

véletlenül meghallani

to judge


at least


to be close in age

nagyjából egyidős, kicsi a korkülönbség




bármi, akármi

plastic surgery

plasztikai műtét

to spread



szóbeszéd, pletyka

to blow up something

túlozni, nagy ügyet csinálni valamiből, felfújni

the following day


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