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Murphy törvényei anyákról :)

Murphy’s mothers laws

Mothers only offer advice on two occasions: when you want it and when you don’t.

A mother’s love is a better cure than chicken soup, but chicken soup is cheaper.

Your mother is the only person that knows more about you than you know about yourself

Any time you are unable to solve a problem, ask your mother. She probably won’t know either, but she will fake it.

If you can’t remember whether or not you called your mother, you didn’t.

The motherly advice you ignore will always turn out to be the best advice she ever gave you.

If you forget, mom will remind you of all your mistakes so you don’t repeat them.

Anything you do can be criticized by your mother – even doing nothing.

Never criticize your mother’s cooking if you expect to get any more of it.

Never lie to your mother. And if you do, never think you got away with it.

Mother’s way is best. If you don’t believe it, ask her.

Everything is a good idea till you mother finds out and tells you why it isn’t.

If you don’t have time to study the drivers’ manual, drive your mother somewhere and get a quick refresher course.

When you are broke, ask mom for a loan. She will help you remember what you wasted all your money on.

No matter how much you eat, you can never get so fat that mother will not offer you more food.

Mother can always tell you a better way to do something after you’ve already done it.

The longer it’s been since you cleaned house, the more likely it is that mother will visit.

Never tell your mother you have nothing to do. She can always find something.

There are always two sides to a story – the way it really happened and the way mother remembers it.

occasion – alkalom
cure – gyógymód
to be unable to – képtelennek lenni
to fake something – úgy tenni, mintha
whether – vajon
to ignore – figyelmen kívül hagyni
to turn out – kiderül róla, hogy
to remind someone of – emlékeztetni valakit valamire
to expect – számítani valamire
to get away with it – megúszni
mother’s way is best – anya tudja a legjobban
to find out – megtudni valamit
drivers’ manual – autóvezetők tankönyve
refresher course – ismétlő tanfolyam
to be broke – le van égve
to waste money – pénzt pazarolni
no matter – nem számít
likely – valószínű
there are two sides to a story – nem csak egy nézőpontból lehet látni a dolgokat

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