10 dolog, amit nem tudtál a KFC-ről

10 dolog, amit nem tudtál a KFC-ről

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Egy rövid olvasmány videóval és teszttel a népszerű KFC gyorsétteremről. 

10 Facts About KFC You Didn't Know

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1. The first KFC restaurant was in a service station.
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10 Facts About KFC You Didn't Know

Check out 10 amazing facts regarding KFC.

Can't get enough of KFC? Here are 10 facts about the popular chain that you may not know.

Number 10 -- Prior to starting the fast food chain, 'Colonel Sanders' owned a service station, which is where he first began selling his chicken, calling the dining area "Sanders Court & Café".

Number 9 -- The Colonel was 65 years of age when he received his first monthly social security check of 105 dollars. He had already begun franchising his restaurant, and used his social security checks to expand the KFC empire.

Number 8 - The original recipe for the fried chicken is mostly the same, since its creation in 1940. The only difference is the frying oil used today to eliminate trans fat. 

Number 7 -- The first KFC didn't open in
Kentucky as the name would imply. Instead the franchise debuted in Salt Lake City in 1952.

Number 6 - KFC has about 4000 restaurants in
China and in some areas, they are a more common sight than Mao.

Number 5 - The location for
China's first KFC was near Beijing's Tiannemen Square.

Number 4 - Colonel Sanders developed a strong work ethic at a young age. He landed his first job on a farm when he was 10 years old. His salary was $2 a month.

Number 3 -- After Sanders passed away in 1980, flags on every single
Kentucky state building flew at half staff in his honor for four whole days.

Number 2 - Can't get to a KFC in your neighborhood? If you happen to be in
China, you can actually get KFC delivered.

Number 1. The secret recipe for KFC chicken, along with vials of its 11 herbs and spices, is kept in a well-guarded safe in
Louisville, KY.


can't get enough of

nem tud betelni valamivel

prior to

valami előtt

service station


social security check

nyugdíj, társadalombiztosítási kifizetés

to franchise

használati jogot átadni

to expand


to eliminate


trans fat

transz zsír

to debute

elindulni, debütálni

at half staff


in somebody’s honor

valaki tiszteletére


fiola, üvegcse

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