10 USA elnök és meglepő foglalkozásaik


10 amerikai elnök meglepő első foglalkozása - szöveg szószedettel, videóval és egy kis feladattal. 

10 US Presidents and Their Surprising First Jobs

Here are the first jobs of 10 US Presidents.

They may have ended up as leaders of the free world, but each US president earned their first paycheck by doing something else.

Here are the first jobs held by 10 of them.

Number 10. Barack Obama. Honolulu may be a slice of paradise, but a lot of its residents still report to work just like everybody else. When Obama lived there as a teen, his job was scooping ice cream at a Baskin Robbins. 

Number 9. Ronald Reagan. As far as first jobs go, this president had a pretty good one. At the age of 15 he worked his first of many summers as a lifeguard in Dixon, Illinois. 

Number 8. Bill Clinton. At the young age of 13 he was hired to bag groceries at a local Arkansas store. Before long he’d talked the owner into letting him sell comic books as well and made himself a tidy sum on the side. 

Number 7. Richard Nixon. Glamorous is certainly not a word one would use to describe this commander’s early work history. When Nixon was 7 he made a dollar for every 12 hours of bean picking he put in. 

Number 6. Lyndon B. Johnson. Shining shoes is how this president earned extra money in his early years. He was even a bit of a celebrity in the field, having an ad extolling his expert services featured in the local paper. 

Number 5. Andrew Johnson. After spending time in North Carolina as a tailor’s indentured apprentice, Johnson fled and ended up in Tennessee. There, he opened a tailor shop of his own. 

Number 4. Harry S. Truman. His first paycheck came in the form of 3 silver dollars. He earned them by doing chores like dusting and sweeping at Clinton’s Drug Store in Independence, Missouri. 

Number 3. Gerald Ford. Though his life took an extraordinary turn, early on it was in many ways quite typical. Like numerous teens he earned money by making burgers and washing dishes at a restaurant.

Number 2. James Garfield. At the age of 16 Garfield ran away from home and got a job working on canal boats. That career ended when he became ill as a result of falling overboard nearly 15 times. 

Number 1. Jimmy Carter. There are kids who do odd jobs just to get some spending cash, and then there’s Jimmy Carter. When he was just 5 years old he hawked peanuts and used the profits to invest in cotton bales. He eventually sold those and earned enough in the process to buy 5 houses. 

Which president do you think had the most interesting first job?

source: GeoBeats

Match the names of the presidents with the jobs they were doing in their childhood.

1. Barack Obama

2. Ronald Reagan

3. Bill Clinton

4. Richard Nixon

5. Lyndon B. Johnson

6. Andrew Johnson

7. Harry S. Truman

8. Gerald Ford

9. James Garfield

10. Jimmy Carter


a. making clothes for people

b. going from house to house selling food

c. supervising swimmers

d. working in the kitchen of a restaurant

e. picking beans on a field

f. cleaning people’s shoes

g. working on a boat

h. selling ice cream

i. cleaning a store

j. working in a grocery store



1.h. 2.c. 3.j. 4.e. 5.f. 6.a. 7.i. 8.d. 9.g. 10.b.


to end up

végül valamivé válni

to report to work

munkába járni

to scoop ice cream

fagylaltot mérni


vízimentő. úszómester

to bag groceries

élelmiszert zacskókba rakni a pénztárnál

to talk somebody into something

rábeszélni valakit valamire

on the side



ragyogó, dicsőséges

bean picking


to shine shoes

cipőt fényesíteni

to extol

magasztalni, dicsérni




szerződéses, szerződött



to flee, fled, fled

elmenekülni, megszökni

to do chores

házi- háztartási munkát végezni





to become ill


to fall overboard

beleesni a hajóról a vízbe

odd jobs

alkalmi munkák

spending cash


to hawk

házalni, ügynökösködni

cotton bales


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