100 year old Great-Great Grandmother Skydives for Birthday Celebration

100 year old Great-Great Grandmother Skydives for Birthday Celebration

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Olvasd el, hogyan ünnepelte 100. születésnapját ez a new york-i nagymama! 

100 year old New York Great-Great Grandmother Skydives for Birthday Celebration

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100 year old New York Great-Great Grandmother Skydives for Birthday Celebration

A woman who turned 100 years old decided to do something that she'd never forget to celebrate her big day by going skydiving.

Eleanor Cunningham, 100, from Howes Cave, New York, did the birthday jump on Saturday at Saratoga Skydiving in Gansevoort.

The daring great-great-grandmother kissed her seven-month-old great-great-granddaughter before suiting up for the incredible jump.

But it turns out that this was not her first time.

She is, in fact, an experienced skydiver having taken up the sport at age 90. 

Four years ago at the ripe old age of 95, Cunningham took to the skies again.

However, her latest jump on Saturday was done with tandem master Dean McDonald of Saratoga Skydiving who said that Cunningham was his oldest jump partner yet.

Cunningham, who lives with her granddaughter in their Schoharie County home in central New York was reportedly very excited about this jump.

She has even managed to outdo former President George H.W. Bush with her bold stunt, because he was 90 when he last skydived.

Shortly after she landed, Cunningham, dressed in a red suit and sneakers, smiled and beamed with delight as members of her family recorded every moment on their cell phones. 

She has five children, 14 grandchildren, 25 great-grandchildren, and three great-great-grandchildren andcredits herlongevity to being a vegetarian and being around young people.

Her doctor signed off on the skydiving expedition telling her 'that she was more than capable of doing what she loves.'

If the skydive wasn’t enough, the thrill-seeking centenarian will cage dive amongst sharks soon.



csukott ejtőernyővel való ugrás



to suit up

felvenni a megfelelő öltözéket, beöltözni

to take up a sport

elkezdeni egy sportot



to take to the skies

felszállni az égbe

to outdo

túltenni valakin




attrakció, mutatvány



to beam with delight

sugárzik az örömtől



to credit

valaminek tulajdonítani


hosszú élet

to sign off

itt: engedélyt adni


izgalmat kereső



to cage dive

ketrecben merülni



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