3800 méter magasan érte baleset az ejtőernyőst

3800 méter magasan érte baleset az ejtőernyőst

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... de társai megmentették! Olvasd el a szöveget és nézd meg a hihetetlen videót is! 

Terror at 12,500ft: a skydiver plummets to the ground unconscious after being knocked out by another jumper in freak accident

Experienced skydiver James Lee, 25, was hit from behind by another skydiver and knocked out, just after he jumped at the Skydive ground in Netheravon, Wiltshire. He was saved from certain death by two other skydivers who, having seen what had happened, postponed pulling their own cords and instead dived towards Mr Lee, grabbing hold of him and deploying his parachute. Mr Lee only regained consciousness as he drifted safely down to the ground, where he landed safely and with no memory of what had happened.

 He said: 'I've been skydiving for five years and this was my 1,050th jump.  There were 12 people in this skydive, with others leaving the plane just after we jumped off. One of the skydivers who left the plane through the door came out unstable and went into a spin. They were falling faster than I was and their shin impacted the back of my helmet with a lot of force, knocking me out.'

 It wasn’t until Mr Lee was under the canopy that he began to regain consciousness, and he landed safely on the ground with no memory of the drama that had unfolded seconds earlier. He was taken to hospital where he was treated for an injury to his head, and then given the all-clear and discharged. Now he says the accident, which happened last July, 'has not put me off at all.' Mr Lee added: 'I am very glad that everything unfolded how it did. This is not something you are taught to do or practise for as it is very uncommon. I think my mum and girlfriend are more relieved than I am.' 

source: www.dailymail.co.uk

skydiver – ejtőernyős
to knock out - kiütni
certain death – biztos halál
to postpone - elhalasztani
to grab hold of – megragadni valakit/valamit
to deploy – bevetni, használni
parachute - ejtőernyő
to regain consciousness – visszanyeri az öntudatát
to go into a spin – pörögni kezdeni
shin - sípcsont
to impact – nekiütközni, becsapódni
canopy – ejtőernyő ernyője
to unfold – kibontakozik, történik
to be given the all-clear – egészségesnek nyilvánították
to discharge a patient – beteget kórházból elbocsátani
to put someone off – elvenni valakinek a kedvét valamitől
uncommon - ritka
to be relieved – megkönnyebbült 

Match the words with their opposites.

1. to discharge a patient

a) to be worried

2. to postpone

b) ordinary

3. to be relieved

c) to let go of

4. uncommon

d) to bring forward

5. to grab hold of

e) to admit a patient

 answers: 1-e 2-d 3-a 4-b 5-c

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