5 American Habits Brits Don’t Understand


Néhány érdekes - és néha érthetetlen - amerikai szokás. 

5 American Habits Brits Don’t Understand

Check out 5 American habits that the Brits just don’t understand.

Cultural norms in one country may not apply elsewhere. According to the BBC, here are 5 American habits that the Brits don’t understand.

Number 5 — Ask any US-based dentist and he or she will tell you flossing is key to healthy teeth. Well, while a significant percentage of Americans floss regularly, the Brits rarely touch a tub of floss, even though most residents in the UK own one.

Number 4 — Having a gabfest with a stranger in the US…totally normal. Trains, plains, buses, even in a huge department store, we’re constantly surrounded by people we don’t know. Why we talk to them is something the British don’t really understand.

Number 3 — Indulging in large restaurant portions is a cultural norm in America. However it’s not that way in Britain. Restaurants in the US specialize in supersize dishes, serving enough food to feed three people rather than one.

Number 2 — Brits generally don’t take home leftovers. Instead of waiting for a doggie bag, diners leave the plate remnants behind. In the States, we believe it’s paid for so we might as well take the meal home and get the most out of it.

Number 1 — Sitting down and eating breakfast together – it’s the signature of loving in American families. Brits don’t commonly indulge in a large meal in the early AM. If hung over, they may eat something small, but definitely not with their close relatives.

source: GeoBeats News

Find the right words from the text to fill in the gaps.

1. If you can’t finish your meal at a restaurant, you can ask for a …

2. Some people use … to clean their teeth.

3. They weren’t talking about serious issues, they were just having a …

4. You don’t need to cook, we have some … from yesterday.

5. It wasn’t a …. problem, so no one worried about it.

6. The concert was free for the local …

7. We felt very uncomfortable … by a lot of strangers.

8. You can go faster, the speed limit doesn’t … here.

9. At the banquet they … in delicious cakes.

10. You can … your visit to the museum with the help of a guide.



1. doggie bag

2. flossing

3. gabfest

4. leftovers

5. significant

6. residents

7. surrounded

8. apply

9. indulged

10. get the most out of


cultural norms

kulturális normák

to apply

vonatkozik valamire, releváns


fogselyem használata






tartó, tégely




pletyi, hosszas beszélgetés

to surround


to indulge in something

átadni magát valami kellemesnek


maradék étel

doggie bag

elviteles doboz maradék étel becsomagolásához

plate remnants

tányéron maradt maradék étel

to get the most out of something

a legtöbbet kihozni valamiből

signature of loving

a szeretet szimbóluma

hung over


Kapcsolódó anyagok

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