76 évesen lett újra apa!

Egy brit férfi a nagypapakort megérve lett újra apa. Hogy lehetséges ez?

A great grandfather who recently recovered from brain surgery has become Britain’s oldest-known new father at the age of 76. Mr Ealam’s 36-year-old wife Cora gave birth to daughter Jessie on December 11 last year, two months after her husband turned 76.

The pair already have a one-year-old son, Johnathan, who was born days after Mr Ealam had an operation to remove a brain tumour. Mr Burks’ 41-year-old wife Dawn gave birth to son Ryan two weeks ago.

Both new fathers are retired lorry drivers and live 25 miles from one another in Lincolnshire. But while Mr Burks, from Louth, said potassium-rich bananas boosted his energy, Mr Ealam has credited clean living for his fertility. “It wasn’t planned, but we’re very happy,’ he said. ‘I’ve always kept myself fit.”

Mr Ealam, who gave up smoking and drinking in 1984, has five children with ex-wife Ros, six grandchildren and three great grandchildren. His eldest son from his first marriage, Andrew, will be 50 next year. Mr Ealam said his family ‘accept the situation’.

He and Mrs Ealam met as neighbours in Lincoln a decade ago.

After their marriages broke down, the pair started a relationship in 2007 and had Johnathan in August the following year. They married on Christmas Eve 2008.

Mrs Ealam said: “It caused a bit of a scandal when we set up together, but we’re happy. Dennis is a great dad. He does what he can to help with the kids. He feeds them and he can change a nappy. I know eventually I’ll end up a single parent, but I’ll deal with that when it happens. It’s hard work with the children, but I wouldn’t swap it for anything.”

The world’s oldest father is Indian farmer Nanu Ram Jogi, who had his 21st child aged 90 in 2007.

Daily Mail


brain tumour – agytumor
lorry driver – teherautó sofőr
potassium-rich – kálium
fertility – termékenység
scandal – botrány, szégyen
to set up together – összejön
to swap – elcserél

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