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5Perc Angol | 2015. 01. 24.

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9-Year-Old Gives Birth in Mexico

In a shocking report, a nine-year-old girl has recently given birth, via C-section in Mexico.

The female’s daughter was born on January 27. The father of the newborn is reportedly a 17-year-old, who left the area several months back.

Although both mother and child are reported to be healthy and have been released from the hospital, law enforcement authorities are actively searching for the teenage dad. A spokesperson at the Prosecutor’s Office claims that they are investigating a case of possible rape or sex abuse, but the 9-year-old new mother stated that they were in a loving relationship.

According to hospital personnel, the young girl will have extensive follow-up care due to her age. She will also have to undergo mental and psychological evaluations.

Last year, a 10-year-old Columbian girl gave birth to a 5-pound baby. She arrived at the hospital scared and screaming in pain.

That was first time she received any medical care during her pregnancy. The young mother belonged to an indigenous tribe in northern Columbia

Law enforcement officers worked to address potential charges against the father while still showing respect to the tribe’s own set of laws.

source: GeoBeats News

Find the words in the text that fit these definitions:

1. people who work for an organization

2. a group of people led by a chief

3. a statement saying that someone has done something wrong

4. an operation to get a baby out of the mother’s womb

5. to make a loud, high cry

6. to let somebody leave a place

7. to try to find the facts about something

8. the period during which a baby is in its mother’s womb

9. forcing somebody to have sex by violence

10. possible or likely in the future


1. personnel

2. tribe

3. charge

4. C-section

5. to scream

6. to release

7. to investigate

8. pregnancy

9. rape

10. potential




via C-section



állítólag, a beszámolók szerint

to release

elengedni, kiengedni

law enforcement authorities

rendőri hatóságok

Prosecutor's Office


to investigate

kivizsgálni, nyomozni



sex abuse

szexuális erőszak




mindenre kiterjedő, kiterjedt

follow-up care


to undergo

alávetni magát valaminek


felmérés, értékelés

medical care

orvosi kezelés



indigenous tribe

bennszülött törzs

to address charges

vádat emelni


potenciális, lehetséges

to show respect

tiszteletben tartani

set of laws


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