A 100 éves barátnők véleménye a világról:) – VIDEÓVAL

Szalai Nóri | 2014. 03. 16.

Nézd meg a videót – és olvasd el a szöveget is – , amelyben a két 100 éves néni osztja meg gondolatait a modern világról:) 

Watch the 100-year-old best friends talk pop culture, twerking, selfies and Justin Bieber

100-year-olds Irene and Alice have been friends for a staggering 94 years – and are only too happy to share their view of modern life with millions of viewersTwo 100-year-old best friends called Irene and Alice have become an internet sensation for their plain-talking, no-nonsense take on modern life.

In an hilarious video, the two American women, who grew up in the 1930’s, talk animatedly about current pop culture – even though they plainly know nothing about it!

Speaking on the Steve Harvey Show, they are asked a series of questions on ‘selfies’ (‘I have had enough pictures taken of me, I don’t need my own’ – Alice), ‘twerking’ (‘I don’t know what’s goin’ on’ – Alice), the new iPhone operating system (‘What happened to the good old Illinois Bell Telephone Company ?’ – Irene) and Justin Bieber (‘He’s not doing something right, I don’t know’ – Irene.)

When asked what they think about Kim Kardashian calling her baby ‘North’. Irene asks how the name is spelt and then exclaims ‘You’re kidding!’.

The two centenarians have known each other for a staggering 94 years but have no time for the current craze of calling someone a BFF or Best Friend Forever.

Says Alice: ‘That’s close to bullshit!’

source: Mirror 

staggering – megdöbbentő
to share – megosztani, elosztani
view – nézet, nézőpont
viewer – néző
plain-talking – őszinte/egyenes beszéd
no-nonsense – egyenes, direct, gyakorlatias
a take on something – valamiről alkotott vélemény
hilarious – vices, nevetséges
to grow up – felnőni
animatedly – élénken
plainly – egyszerűen
operating system – operációs rendszer
to exclaim – felkiáltani
centenarian – 100 éves
current – jelenlegi, aktuális
craze – őrület, divat, mánia
bullshit – marhaság 

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