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Shaggy Dog Story: Boy Sends Adorable Pictures To Naval Officer Father

These adorable images are a young boy's way of keeping a long-distance bond with his serviceman father. Julian Becker, 7, poses for cute pictures with his huge Newfoundland doggy friends, Max, 8, and two-year-old Bruce, who has a brown coat. Julian's mother Stasha says that with her husband away regularly in his role as a naval officer, the pictures began as a way of keeping in touch.

The family live in Whidbey Island, Washington, America, although both Julian and Max were born in England. Stasha, Julian and the dogs are currently travelling in America for the summer before joining Julian's dad in Japan.

Stasha explains: "Jason is still in the Navy, in fact he is currently on a ship and stationed abroad. We still call Washington home but we are travelling cross-country to spend the summer upstate NY before joining Jason in Japan. Of course the dogs are with us all the way. I really wanted this time to be special for us seeing how there are a lot of changes ahead and daddy is gone again and I want Julian to have all my attention. My son Julian and Max were both born in England, where we were stationed before moving back to the States. My boy still drinks tea every morning but has mostly lost the accent. Max still barks with a Yorkshire twang. They have been together all day, every day since Julian was born. I started taking photos of them in front of the garage every day before we got into the minivan when I joined Instagram. It was mostly to send them to family and my husband when he travels."



kötődés, kötés

naval officer


to keep in touch

tartani a kapcsolatot

to be stationed abroad

külföldön állomásozni

upstate NY

New York állam északi része

to bark


Yorkshire twang

yorkshire-i orrhang


családi autó, kisbusz

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