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The Gator Kid, Charlie Parker

Australia seems to be the proud motherland of some of the world’s most well-known “crocodile hunters”. Now, following in the footsteps of Crocodile Dundee and a more real-life hero, the late Steve Irwin, Charlie Parker is officially the youngest “reptile expert” on the planet at age three.

Australia’s youngest wildlife ranger comes from a long line of animal carers and his family has owned and run the Ballarat Wildlife Park in Victoria, Australia for generations.

"We’re still shocked by his natural ability with the animals. We didn’t go out to encourage it but he just loves reptiles,"says his father, Greg Parker, the owner of the park.

He is no typical father either. Instead of fearing for his toddler’s safety while he’s wrestling with snakes and alligators, he is as proud as he could be.

"It’s quite remarkable to watch – he has absolutely no fear of them and he doesn’t just handle them, he also has the knowledge. We’ve never purposely exposed him to the animals – he’s just got this obsession with snakes and lizards. It must be genetic."

Charlie first hit headlines as a snake wrangler and crocodile hunter at the age of two when he appeared on pictures playing with his best friends, Pablo and Gump. And no, they are not the average friends parents would usually approve of. Pablo is an 8-feet-long boa constrictor, while Gump is an alligator, though he does wear a snout-restrainer while he’s splashing around with the “gator kid”.

Others are not as enthusiastic about young Charlie’s skills as his wildlife loving family. Animal expert, Jack Hanna said that proper supervision of animals is critical and without that, people are placed in jeopardy”, adding that “you can train a wild animal but you can never tame a wild animal.”

Nevertheless, Charlie seems to be fulfilling his role as the rightful heir to the next great Australian crocodile hunter’s throne. His father also has high hopes for him: “He can be an ambassador for animal conservation and welfare. I think it’s great for everybody.”

to follow in the footsteps of (someone) – valaki nyomdokaiba lépni
late – néhai, egykori
officially – hivatalosan
reptile expert -hüllő szakértő
wildlife ranger – vadőr
animal carer – állatgondozó
ability – képesség
to encourage – bátorítani
instead of – ahelyett, hogy
to fear – félni, tartani valamitől
to wrestle – birkózni
remarkable – elképesztő, csodálatos
to handle – kezelni, bánni valamivel
knowledge – tudás
purposely – szándékosan
to expose someone to something – kitenni valakit valaminek
obsession – rögeszme, rajongás
to hit headlines – címplapra kerülni
snake wrangler – kígyó tenyésztő
to approve of – helyeselni, jóváhagyni
boa constrictor – óriás kígyó
snout-restrainer – ’szájkosár’
to splash around – pancsolni, vízben játszani
enthusiastic – lelkes
skill – képesség
proper supervision – megfelelő felügyelet
in jeopardy – veszélyben
to tame – megszelídíteni
to fulfill – beteljesíteni
role – szerep
rightful heir to the throne – a trón jogos várományosa/örököse
conservation – védelem, megőrzés
welfare – jólét


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