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Cat owner saved from fire after pet bites hand to wake her during ‘arson attack’

A fearless feline has been hailed a hero after saving her owner from a suspected arson attack. Pet Taffy bit Tracie Horgan-Hodgkiss to wake her when fire broke out and her bedroom began to fill with smoke. Tracie dialled 999 and minutes later she and the two-year-old tortoiseshell were being helped down a ladder to safety by firefighters.

Tracie, 39, said: “I thought the smoke alarm was my alarm clock and ignored it. Taffy bit my hand until I woke up. I don’t think I’d be here now but for her.” Tracie, of Bridgend, South Wales, was taken to hospital after inhaling smoke. Firefighters said she owes her life to Taffy after the suspected arson attack. Bridgend fire station watch manager Roger Mangan said: “They were very lucky. We got there just at the right time.”

A South Wales Police spokesman said: “A 39-year-old woman was taken to hospital suffering from the effects of smoke inhalation. A 39-year-old man from Bridgend has been arrested on suspicion of arson and is in custody.”

source: www.mirror.co.uk

fearless rettenthetetlen
feline – macskaféle
owner – gazdi, tulajdonos
arson – gyújtogatás
to bite (bit, bitten) – megharapni
to dial – tárcsázni
tortoiseshell – teknőctarka (macska)
ladder – létra
smoke alarm – füstjelző
to ignore – figyelmen kívül hagyni, nem vesz tudomásul
to inhale – belélegezni
to owe  one’s life to – valakinek köszönheti az életét
to suffer from – betegségtől szenved
to arrest – letartóztani
on suspicion of – valami gyanújával
in custody – őrizetben

Fill in the gaps with the right word. There is one extra word.

to arrest

to ignore

smoke alarm

on suspicion of


to bite

1. The neighbour’s dog ……………….. the postman yesterday.

2. The police ……………….. Jim because he got into a fight at the football match.

3. These days many people install ……………….. in their houses.

4. The ……………….. of the white sports car was really angry.

5. Mike ……………….. the loud music and continued to read.

answers: 1-bit 2-arrested 3-smoke alarms 4-owner 5-ignored

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